LAN Cable Testers

Hi-end Cat. 7, 6 & 5e LAN Cable Tester ID Finder Kit Model TCT-2690KT

Hi-end Cat. 7, 6 & 5e LAN Cable Tester ID Finder Kit
Model: TCT-2690KT

Verifies Open/Short & Cross talk interference, measures fault length location.

  • Measures Cable length via TDR
  • Measures Cable length and gives the distance of open/short circuit
  • Dynamically calibrates Cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%
  • Large LCD display to display test results clearly
  • Auto-off in any mode to prolong the battery life
  • Protection against excess voltage, transients in ringer signals
  • Low Battery indication
  • Checks Coax, Cat.7/6/5e, shielded/unshielded Cables
  • Locates distance to an open or a short in seconds
  • TDR function to measure length (upto 1200 ft.)and find distance of trouble location
  • Find open circuit, short circuit, cross circuit and split pairs
  • Determines continuity and wiring pattern
  • TCT-2690PRO Main Unit
  • 2xF to BNC Adaptor
  • 2xRJ45 to USB Adaptor
  • 1 set of ID Finder (ID1 ~ ID8)
  • 9V Lithium-ion Battery
  • Carrying Case