LAN Cable Testers

Hi-end Cat. 7, 6 & 5e LAN Cable Tester ID Finder Kit Model TCT-2690KT

Hi-end Cat. 7, 6 & 5e LAN Cable Tester ID Finder Kit
Model: TCT-2690KT

The Hi-end Cat. 7, 6 & 5e LAN Cable Tester ID Finder Kit Model TCT-2690KT is a professional-grade toolkit designed specifically for testing and verifying LAN cables of various categories (Cat. 7, Cat. 6, and Cat. 5e). It offers a range of features and functions to ensure accurate cable testing and fault detection. Verifies Open/Short & Cross talk interference, measures fault length location.

  • Measures Cable length via TDR: The toolkit incorporates Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology to measure the length of the LAN cable accurately. TDR helps in determining the cable length by analyzing the reflected signals.
  • Measures Cable length and gives the distance of open/short circuit: In addition to measuring the cable length, the kit can also identify the distance to an open or short circuit. This feature helps in pinpointing the location of faults quickly.
  • Dynamically calibrates Cable length and makes length measurement as accurate as 97%: The toolkit dynamically calibrates the cable length measurement, resulting in highly accurate readings of up to 97% precision.
  • Large LCD display: The main unit of the toolkit is equipped with a large LCD display that clearly presents the test results, making it easy to read and interpret the information.
  • Auto-off function: The toolkit includes an auto-off feature that activates when the device is idle in any mode. This helps to conserve battery life and extend the overall usage time.
  • Protection against excess voltage and transients: The kit provides protection against excess voltage and transients typically encountered in ringer signals. This ensures the safety of the device during testing.
  • Low Battery indication: The toolkit includes a low battery indicator, which alerts the user when the battery power is running low. This feature helps in timely battery replacement, ensuring uninterrupted testing.
  • Checks Coax, Cat. 7/6/5e, shielded/unshielded Cables: The kit supports the testing of various types of LAN cables, including coaxial cables, shielded and unshielded Cat. 7, Cat. 6, and Cat. 5e cables.
  • Locates distance to an open or a short in seconds: The toolkit can quickly identify the distance to an open or short circuit within the LAN cable. This enables efficient troubleshooting and fault location.
  • TDR function to measure length and find the distance of trouble location: The Time Domain Reflectometry function allows for accurate length measurement of LAN cables (upto 1200 feet). It also assists in determining the distance to the location of any trouble or fault.
  • Find open circuit, short circuit, cross circuit, and split pairs: The toolkit can detect various cable faults, including open circuits, short circuits, cross circuits, and split pairs. This helps in identifying and resolving cable issues effectively.
  • Determines continuity and wiring pattern: The kit is capable of determining continuity within the LAN cable and also verifies the correct wiring pattern. This ensures proper cable connections and adherence to industry standards.

The Hi-end Cat. 7, 6 & 5e LAN Cable Tester ID Finder Kit Model TCT-2690KT includes the following items:

  • TCT-2690PRO Main Unit: The main unit of the cable tester.
  • 2xF to BNC Adaptor: Adaptors for connecting F-type connectors to BNC connectors.
  • 2xRJ45 to USB Adaptor: Adaptors for connecting RJ45 connectors to USB ports.
  • 1 set of ID Finder (ID1 ~ ID8): ID finders for identifying cables and their corresponding ends.
  • 9V Lithium-ion Battery: A rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power the cable tester.
  • Carrying Case: A protective case for storing