Laser Dust & Chemical Fumes Extraction System

Chemical Fumes and Laser Dust Extraction Air Purifier Model LCFE1704

Chemical Fumes and Laser Dust Extraction Air Purifier
Model: LCFE1704

● Powerful maintenance-free Brushless Turbine ● Supplied with all accessories.

  • Hassle-free easy-to-start operation with all inclusive kit supplied.
  • Easy-to-manoeuver positioning of Fume Extraction Arm.
  • Reliable & virtually maintenance-free Brushless DC Turbine.
  • Has low noise (< 65 dBA) in continuous running operation.
  • Special Main Filter with its last stage of Alkaline type, makes sure to remove obnoxious chemical fumes Air Purification.
  • Low running cost as normally low cost Pre-Filter mainly need replacement periodically as and when there is choking of fumes extraction.
  • Middle Filter and Main Filter are in Metal Frames.
  • Ready availability of all spare parts from stock.
  • Input Power Supply : 230V/50Hz, 250W
  • No of Workplaces : 1
  • Stationary Pressure : 3000 Pa
  • Maximum Airflow Rate: 250m3/h
  • Filtering Efficiency (0.3um) : 99.97%
  • Noise Level : <60dB
  • Dimension (L x W x H) (approx) : 470 x 230 x 350mm
  • 1 x Main Fume Extraction Air Purifier unit
  • 1 x Extraction Arm (75mm dia, 1.5 meter long)
  • 1 x Round Metallic Hood (250mm dia)
  • 1 x Speed Control Regulator
  • 5 x Spare Pre-Filters

Fume Extraction System for Chemical and Laser Fumes

Fume Extraction System for Chemical and Laser Fumes

This is hi-end volume extraction air purifier and ready-to-use Chemical Fume & Laser Dust Extraction Air Purifier. It is designed for continuous working reliably on main production line. It has very powerful and maintenance-free Brushless Turbine and Electronic Speed Control Unit. Its metal framed special Middle Filter and Main Filter provide purified working environment. The electronic Speed Controller regulates air-flow volume.

Ready-to-use Chemical Fumes and Laser Dust Air Purifier Model LCFE1704 is fitted with 4-stage Filters: Pre-Filter, Metal Framed Middle Filter, another Pre-Filter, Metal Framed special Main Filter with last alkaline stage. Combination of all these Filters purifies chemically polluted air by absorbing these obnoxious fumes. This Air Purifier is designed for use both in industrial and in laboratory environment. All it needs is merely mains input Power Supply.

Length of the Air Purifier Extraction Arm is easily adjustable, as this is made from press-fit type small sections which are easily adjustable in length by selection of these sections as per required length.