Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Hi-Power Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Model: DSF-76D-150

Specially designed for soldering of Solar Panels & Heavy Automotive Electronics.

  • Digitized pushbuttons for precise temperature control
  • Solder Feed Length, Speed and Time Programming Switches
  • Digital display for Temperature
  • Soldering Pencil Stand
  • 150 Watt Soldering Pencil
  • Finger Switch for Feeding desired length of Solder Wire at SET speed
  • Solder Wire Feeding Assembly

Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Model: DSF76D

Today’s highly competitive and demanding industrial soldering applications need highest possible productivity of operators and every paisa must be saved for profitability. Such demanding requirements are met with Fast Thermal Recovery Digital Soldering Station with Auto Solder Feeder Model DSF76D. Affordably priced, it is the right choice. Besides making one hand of operator free, it also provides consistent quality for each solder joint as same amount of Solder wire with pre-programmed feeding is applied at optimized process temperature..

  • Increases Operator’s productivity
  • Regularly saves wastage of Solder Wire
  • 90 Watt Fast Thermal Recovery Soldering Station
  • Makes Operator’s both hands free
  • Provides consistency in solder joints quality

Production Workhorse Low Cost Soldering Station Model: DSS36 + SFS81

Production Workhorse Low Cost Soldering Station

Model: DSS36 + SFS81

Low capital investment + low running cost, uses lower priced Soldering Tips.

  • Temperature Locking with supervisory password
  • Long Life Ceramic Heating Element
  • In-built Digital Calibration for ISO 9000
  • 7-Segment reliable LED Digital Display
  • Soldering Tips available for different applications
  • Suitable for Lead-Free soldering