Dry Cabinet, Fume Extraction System, Weller Soldering Station India – Smart Tweezers, Desoldering, Rework Station Best Price

We supply Soldering/Dispensing/Screwfastening Robots, Kolver Programmable Screw Drivers, Dehumidifying Dry Storage Cabinets, Fume Extraction Systems, QC inspection Video Microscopes & Magnifiers, SMD Rework & Soldering Stations, ESD Accessories/Tools/Testers & Spinner Rotary Joints.
SFDC1428-160-6 Dehumidifying Dry Storage Cabinet of 1~60% RH and external size of 1200W x 710D x 1910H mm.
SFDC435-160-2 Dehumidifying Dry Storage Cabinet of 1~60%RH range & external size 900W x 600D x 1010H mm.
SFDC870-160-4 Dehumidifying Dry Storage Cabinet of 1~60%RH & of size 900W x 600D x 1890H mm.
Inde offers low noise and highly reliable as well highly powerful suction type Laser Dust Extraction Systems, Chemical Fumes Extraction Systems and Solder Fumes Extraction Sytems: at competitive price with normally immediate delivery. We also keep all spare parts in stock for immediate delivery. Repeat orders customers list is growing every day.
QUICK Intelligent is today world leader in standard as well as customized Robotic solutions for Soldering, Screwing and Dispensing to automate the assembly lines. Popular Models are 3-Axis Soldering Robot Model ET9383E with 300 x 300 mm X-Y Travel; 4-Axis Soldering Robot Model ET9494F with 400 x 400 mm X-Y Travel; 4-Axis Dual Platform Soldering Robot Model ET9584EYA, 500 x 500 mm X-Y Travel; 4-Axis Dual Head Screwing Robot Model ET7483KXZ, 400 x 400 mm X-Y Travel; 3-Axis Dual Platform Screwing Robot Model ET7483KYA, 500 x 500 mm X-Y Travel; 3-Axis Dispensing Robot Model ET8383 with 300 x 300 mm X-Y Travel
Inde provides Soldering Stations from 90 Watt to 400 Watt with optional auto Solder Wire Feeder, Soldering Stations with auto Solder Wire Feeder for leaded/leadfree, SMD, heavy automotive components, Solar Panels, LED lighting and all other soldering applications: Model DSS36 (90 Watt) Soldering Station, Model DSSLF120ESD (120 Watt) Soldering Station, Model DSSHP03G (150 Watt) Soldering Station, Model ISD400 (400 Watt) Soldering Station, Model SFS81 Auto Solder Wire Feeder for use with DSS36, DSSLF120ESD & Weller WSD81 Stations, Model DSF76D Auto Solder Wire Feeder With 90 Watt Soldering Station, Model DSF76D-150 Auto Solder Wire Feeder With 150 Watt Soldering Station. Normally all available with immediate delivery and at very competitive price - we also stock their spare parts for all of these.
Inde provides Hot Air Stations, Hor Air Heat Gun for Soldering / Desoldering SMD components: Hot Air Rework Station 1000 Watt Model HAS6DW, Hot Air Gun 2100 Watt Model I885. We also provide high power (150 Watt) Desoldering Station ISD150 for thru-hole components. Normally all available with immediate delivery and at very competitive price - we also stock their spare parts for all of these.
Inde provides highly reliable unique anti-corrosion Lead Free type Solder Pots with expensive nanometric ceramic coating to prevent solder baths from corrosion. Normally all available with immediate delivery and at very competitive price - we also stock their spare parts for all of these.
We offer Top-Most quality Stannol Germany make Leaded and Leadfree (with Silver and without Silver content) Solder Wires in different diameters with normally ex-stock delivery.
Inde offers highly reliable Kolver Italy make Transducerized (K-Ducer) Torque Controlled Electric Screwdrivers, PLUTO Series Torque Controlled Electric Screwdrivers up to 50 Nm for optimum tightening of screws in automotive and other demanding applications. Kolver also offers Torque Testers, Linear Torque Action Arms and Telescopic Arms.
We offer high quality REAL ESD Safe type LED Illuminated QC inspection Magnifiers in both normal glass lenses and in optical white glass lenses. Low cost high resolution Digital USB Video Microscope IDM-5MP is the best solution to avoid strain on eyes when magnification is required more than QC Magnifier. MagnaPro-Z7 high definition Digital Video Microscope with Side LED Monitor to view high resolution real time image of product to be inspected (with adjustable focus and zoom).
ESD Storage Racks, Component Box, ESD PCB Tray ESD Safe Accessories
We offer wide range of ESD Safe Tools and Accessories: ESD Safe Brushes, ESD Safe Tweezers, ESD Warning Tape, ESD Safe Flux Bottles, ESD Safe Wrist Straps, ESD Safe Grounding Cords, ESD Safe Magazine Racks, ESD Safe PCB Trolley, ESD Safe Component Boxes & Trays.
We offer Digital Surface Impedance Tester Model 499D, Digital Static Charge Testers Models IND-ESDM38, ESD Wrist Strap & Footwear Combo Tester Model 492E, High performance and reliable ionizing Air Guns, Table Top Ionizer to remove static charge for static charge free environmental working.
Electronics Hand Tools &Accessories: Precision Cutting Plier, Precise multi-hole Wire Stripper, Cable Tie Gun, Assorted Cable Ties, Soldering Tip Cleaner, Heavy Duty Scissor, Knife with Aluminium Handle Desoldering Pumps @ Best Price in India Desoldering Wick @ Best Price in India Solder Wire Reel Holder @ Best Price in India Wire Cutters @ Best Price in India Hot Glue Gun @ Best Price in India Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Sponge Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner @ Best Price in India Precision Cutting Knife @ Best Price in India Heavy duty Cutting Scissor Cable Tie Gun
We offer wide range of highest quality Electronics Hand Tools and Accessories: Precision Cutting Plier, Precise multi-hole Wire Stripper, Cable Tie Gun, Assorted Cable Ties, Soldering Tip Cleaner, Knife with Aluminium Handle, 0.5 mm & 1.5 mm width Super Fine Desoldering Wicks, No-Clean SMD Flux Pen, Pre-cut Cleaning Sponges in different sizes, Manual Desoldering Pump, Solder Wire Reel Stand, Precision Stripper for Fiber Optic Cables, Weller Soldering Tip Cleaner, Adjustable PCB Holder.
Advance Devices, Inc. Canada is the ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE only manufacturer of above three types Smart Tweezers in the world. Inde Enterprises is their Indian stocking distributors and also authorized to issue CAL Certificates with supply; we stock spare parts to provide after-sales-service during IN and OUT warranty. Siborg Canada, IDEAL-TEK SA etc. all are also their distributors only but in other countries than India, they are not manufacturers (as is claimed by our competitors who sell same Smart Tweezers at higher price but are not able to provide both CAL Certificates and any after-sales-service).
Spinner Germany is world leader in Hybrid (Media Cooling/Fiber Optic/Fast Ethernet integrated) Slip Ring & RF Channels based Rotary Joints for next generation Phase Array Radars.
Spinner Germany make HIGHLY reliable High Power Coaxial Loads & Attenuators in wide range of interconnecting interfaces as N, 7/16, 3-1/8, 6-1/8 both in male/female versions.
Spinner Germany make highest precision 4-in-1 OSLT (Open, Short, Load, Thruline) VNA Calibration Kits upto 40 GHz: K-type (2.92 mm), SMA type (3.5 mm), N-type and 7/16 type.
Spinner Germany offers Precision Push-Pull Adapters (EasyDock types) in 7/16, 3.5mm, N type and Articulated Lines in 3.5mm & N type Connectors. Combining SPINNER's EasyDock and SPINNER's Articulated Lines brings together the best of two worlds and supports the entire test environment when it is moved around to connect to the test device.
Spinner Germany offers High performance high reliability Coaxial Switches in wide frequency range & high power with wide interfaces as N, 7/16, 3-1/8, 6-1/8 for EW & accelerators.
Spinner Germany offers High Power Coaxial Directional Couplers, High Power Coaxial Rigid Lines, High Power Flexible Line Sections and High Power Rigid Line Coupling Elements.
Regardless of whether customer needs 7/16, N, TNC, SMA, SMB & BNC Coaxial Connectors and Adaptors (in-series & between-series) for high power transmission, miniature connector for RF equipment or Precision connector for laboratory measurement Telegartner Germany offers solution for all requirements.
American Beauty USA Model 10503-220-G Thermal Wire Stripper strips Tefzel, Teflon, Kapton and Kynar Insulations without any cut to meet MIL specifications.
American Beauty heavy-duty very high Power (550 W) Soldering Iron Model 3198-550 is meant for extremely heavy soldering jobs as hi-power oil capacitor sealing.
American Beauty USA Resistance Soldering System Model 10506-220-G for soldering Connector center pin with Coaxial Cables solidly to meet MIL specifications.

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