320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station

320 Watt Very High Power Soldering Station Model DSSHP300

320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station
Model: DSSHP300

Very affordable and very hi-power soldering station that is both reliable and ideal for any type of very heavy mass soldering applications.


  • Precise temperature settings by pressing push buttons
  • In-built temperature offset provision for digital calibration
  • In-built programing functions of auto sleep and shut-off
  • 16 mm wide Soldering Tip for very high mass soldering
  • Supervisor can lock optimized process temperature
  • 6~16 mm wide Soldering Tips for different applications


  • Power : 320 Watts
  • Input Supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
  • Temperature Range : 50°C ~ 600°C
  • Temperature Stability : ±2% of final value
  • Tip to Ground Resistance : < 2 Ohm
  • Tip to Ground Potential : <2mV

Scope of Supply

  • Power & Control Unit
  • Soldering Pencil
  • Soldering Tip 8 mm Chisel
  • Heavy Duty Support Rack
  • Cleaning Sponge

Soldering Station DSSHP300

320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station

Description of Soldering Station DSSHP300

Soldering Station DSSHP300 is a 320 Watt very hi-power soldering station and ideal soldering station for soldering Auto Components, Power Capacitors & and can be used for high impedance coil soldering applications.

We have a wide range of soldering tips for this soldering station that can be used for very high mass soldering applications. Assured availability, normally ex-stock, of Spare Parts of Soldering Pencil.


Overview Video of Soldering Station DSSHP300

Unboxing Video of DSSHP300 Soldering Station

Troubleshooting Video of Soldering Station DSSHP300