Intelligent Soldering Station Model DSSLF04H – Best VFM

Best VFM intelligent Soldering Station
Model: DSSLF04H

Best price and performance soldering station for fine pitch SMD and reliable lead-free soldering solutions. It is a versatile production horse for different soldering applications with low running cost.


  • It has a password locking function
  • Push-button control with an auto-sleep function
  • Various types of long life Soldering Tips available
  • Lightweight and comfortable for fatigue-free working
  • Real and fully electrostatic safe ESD design
  • In-built calibration feature to meet ISO requirements


  • Power : 90 Watts
  • Temperature Range : 100°C ~ 500°C
  • Sleep Time (minutes) : 0~99 (adjustable)
  • Temperature Stability : ± 2% of final value
  • Tip to Ground Potential : < 2 mV
  • Tip to Ground Resistance : < 2 ohm

Scope of Supply

  •  ESD Safe Main Power & Control Unit
  • ESD Safe light weight Soldering Pencil fitted with 200G-2.4D Chisel 2.4mm Soldering Tip
  • Combined Dry & Wet Tip Cleaner Support Rack

Description of DSSLF04HESD Soldering Station

Model DSSLF04HESD is a Value-For-Money (VFM) Soldering Station with intelligent features as supervisor can program two most commonly used production process temperatures for instant recalling during operation. He can also lock limits of temperature range (i.e if he sets mode 01 or 11 for upper temperature limit of 400°C, operator cannot solder beyond that temperature). It displays both SET temperature and ACTUAL temperatures simultaneously. It also has in-built digital temperature offset calibration feature to meet ISO 9000 requirements. Unique integrated design of Soldering Tip, Barrel and complete encasing of Metallic Heating Element, provides reliable soldering joints with higher production rate.

Overview Video of DSSLF04HESD Soldering Station