HAS6DW Hot Air Station

1000 Watt High Power Hot Air Rework Station Model HAS6DW

1000 Watt High Power Hot Air Rework Station

Model: HAS6DW

One Station suffices 0402 miniature Chips to large size (42.5x42.5 mm) SMD ICs.


  • High heat power and air flow volume for easy and fast desoldering of large QFPs & PLCCs
  • Variety of Hot Air Nozzles available for different sizes of SMD ICs like QFPs, PLCCs, SOPs.
  • Push Buttons for precise temperature adjustment.
  • Precise temperature control, not affected by airflow.
  • Has a powerful maintenance-free Brushless Motor.
  • Airflow is adjustable with Push Buttons.
  • Suitable for desoldering leadfree components.
  • Feature to store 3 ‘favourite’ Temperature & Air. Flow settings in Channels “CH1, CH2 & Ch3”.
  • Password protection and key-lock functions.
  • Auto-sleep feature allows system to go into stand-by mode to prolong the life of heater.
  • Auto cooling also prolongs the life.