Coaxial Toolkits

Buy High Quality Coaxial Cable Toolkit COAXTK-3815. It is ideal for exceptional quality for data communications, telephone and coaxial structured wiring installations at the best price in India.


High Quality Coaxial Cable Tool Kit
Model: COAXTK-3815

The COAXTK-3815 is a high-quality coaxial cable tool kit designed for data communications, telephone, and coaxial structured wiring installations. It includes a range of tools essential for working with coaxial cables. Here is a breakdown of the tools included in the kit:

Scope of Supply

  1. Pliers & Cutters:

    • Long Nose Plier: Used for gripping and bending wires.
    • Cable Cutter: Designed for cutting coaxial cables cleanly and accurately.
    • Precision Cutter: A fine-tipped cutter for precise and delicate cutting tasks.
    • Heavy Duty Splicing Knife: Used for stripping and splicing coaxial cables.
  2. Tweezers:

    • Fine Tip Straight Tweezer: Allows for precise handling and placement of small components.
    • Fine Tip Curved Tweezer: Curved tips provide better access to tight spaces.
  3. Coaxial Crimping Tool: Used for crimping connectors onto coaxial cables, ensuring a secure connection.

  4. Files:

    • Needle File Flat: Used for shaping and smoothing various materials.
    • Needle File Round: Designed for filing round holes and curved surfaces.
    • Needle File Square: Used for filing square or rectangular holes.
    • Needle File Triangular: Suitable for filing corners and angles.
    • Needle File Half Round: Designed for filing curved surfaces.
  5. Other Hi-Quality Tools:

    • Precision Wire Stripper: Allows for precise and clean stripping of coaxial cable insulation.
    • Heavy Duty Scissor: A durable scissor for cutting cables and wires.
    • Cleaning Brush: Used for removing debris and cleaning connectors.
  6. Packaging: The tool kit comes in a zipper carrying case, providing convenient storage and portability for all the tools.

The COAXTK-3815 is designed to meet the needs of professionals working in the field of data communications, telephone, and coaxial structured wiring installations. With its varied selection of high-quality tools, it aims to facilitate efficient and accurate cable installations and repairs.