Weller Digital Soldering Station Model WSD 81i

Weller Digital Soldering Station Model WSD 81

Weller Digital Soldering Station
Model: WSD 81i

German made Weller Soldering Station is widely used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free Soldering solutions. It is an upgraded version of earlier model WSD81.


  • Stand-By Temperature setting
  • Most popular 80 Watt Digital Soldering Station
  • Used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free soldering
  • In-built Temperature Difference Offset setting
  • In-built Setback Time (0-99 minutes) setting
  • Supervisor can define Pre-programmed Temperature Window


  • Temperature Range : 50°C - 450°C
  • Temperature Accuracy : ± 2% of final value (±9°C)
  • Leakage Resistance : < 2 (Tip to Ground) Ω
  • Leakage Voltage : < 2 mV (Tip to Ground)
  • Digital Display : Set & Actual temperatures
  • Input Supply :  230VAC, 50Hz

Scope of Supply

  • PUD81i Power & Control Unit
  • WSP80 Soldering Pencil
  • LT-B Chisel Soldering Tip
  • Support Rack with Cleaning Sponge

Description of Weller Soldering Station WSD 81i

Easy operation:
Integrated, automatic processes and fewer operating requirements. No calibration needed (IPC compliant).

Rugged housing:
Made from high quality, tough, antistatic materials and low wear plug and socket connectors.

100% long-term performance:
Platinum sensor technology gives precise temperature accuracy and control. Compared to other stations, the WSD 81i offers temperature stability and accuracy without variation over time.