Desoldering Pumps

desoldering pump, colloquially known as a solder sucker, is a manually-operated device which is used to remove solder from a printed circuit boards. It is a must have tool for rework jobs and field repairing.


Desoldering Pump
P/N: IDP-204

  • Durable construction, fully Aluminium body
  • Long lasting rust-free spring
  • High efficiency in a very compact design
  • Suction Capacity: 30cm-Hg
  • Light weight, easy to operate


Desoldering Pump ESD Safe 8PK-366NA

ESD Safe Desoldering Pump
P/N: 8PK-366NA

8PK-366NA is a hand held ESD Safe Desoldering Pump that comes with high suction capacity especially designed for cleaning circuit boards in rework jobs and field repairing. It is anti-rust lasting, ergonomically designed, special cushion structure decrease 40% of the recoil force.

  • ESD Safe
  • Suction capacity: 30cm-Hg
  • Piston has double sealing for higher vacuum
  • Anti-rust long lasting spring
  • Length: 205mm
  • Replacement Tip Part Number 5PK-366NA-T (Please order separately for Desoldering Pump)
  • Weight: 93gm
  • Material: ABS