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Name : INDE Enterprises
Address : 745, Sector 8-B, Chandigarh 160009 (India)
CST Number : CHA-CST-15593 dated 19.07.1995
TIN Number : 04180015797

Quotation & Enquiries:

Contacts: Rajiv & Romesh
Cellphones: 9316134502 & 8283820745
Alternative Email:

Shipments related:

Contact: B S Rana
Phone: 0172-2772745
Cellphone: 9915808317

After-sales-service related:

Contact: Romesh K. Singhal
Cellphone: 9815600745

Warranty Clause

Warranty is one year from the date of our invoice, unless & otherwise specified differently in our quotations. This warranty excludes all type of consumables items as Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors, Soldering Tips, Desoldering Nozzles, Sponges etc.

Sources of supply and brands

With over 43 years hi-tech professional background and very wide international exposure, we source majority of our products from the best possible manufacturers in the world who offer hi-quality products at reasonable price. To maintain our business confidentiality, we cannot disclose these sources to our customers. Nevertheless we fully stand behind for the quality and after-sales-service of all products we supply.We have a track record of over 36 years to support all such products technically as well for spare parts.

While the information contained herein in this website, has been carefully compiled to the best of our knowledge, nothing is intended as representation and warranty on our part; and no statement shall be construed as recommendation to infringe any of existing patents. We accept no liability of whatsoever for any faults and errors in the information contained herein. Contents of this catalogue and specifications of the products are subject to change without notice due to continuous improvements.