120 Watt Ultra Fast Soldering Station

Ultra Fast Thermal Recovery Soldering Station Model DSSLF120ESD-UF

Ultra Fast Thermal Recovery Soldering Station


3 Optimized Process Temperatures for on-line production use can be pre-programmed.

  • Power/Control unit has in-built following features:
    - Touch Button Control Panel
    - Password Protection
    - In-built Temperature Calibration
    - Sleep Time Mode for longer life
    - Error Message indication
    - 1-Touch Temperature Recalling
  • Reliable Heating Element lowers production running cost
  • New VERY longer life Soldering Tips lowers production cost
  • Normally IMMEDIATE delivery of Spare Parts to to keep investment productive

Fast Thermal Recovery new 120 Watt Soldering Station Model DSSLF120

Ultra-Fast Thermal Recovery 120 Watt Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF120

Unique soldering station which solders reliably fine pitch SMD and reliable lead-free soldering solution.

  • In-built temperature Off-Set feature for calibration from panel itself to meet ISO 9000 requirements
  • 2 Auto-Sleep and Auto-Shut-Off features get activated after pre-set time.
  • 3 Supervisory process temperature lock feature: operators cannot change it.
  • High production rate with high reliability in solder joints
  • Lower production cost with higher life of Soldering Tips
  • Very light weight Soldering Pencil for Operator’s comfort
  • Special Soldering Tips for Solar Panels & Fine Pitch SMD soldering
  • Same Soldering Station suitable for heavy automotive parts soldering
  • Add optional Solder Wire Feeding Station to increase operator’s productivity and to avoid solder wire wastage