Vacuum Pick up Pen (Electrical)

Vacuum Pick-up Pen Model IVS-381

Electrical Vacuum Pick-up Pen (Vacuum pickup tool)
Model: IVS-381

Very powerful and reliable electrically operated Vacuum Pick-up Pen for SMD components like SMD LEDs, QFPs, PLCCs, TSOPs, SOICs.

  • To pick-up SMD components to place on SMD pads
  • ESD Safe design avoids damage to expensive ICs
  • Variety of Suction Nozzles and Pads supplied
  • Max Suction: 225 mm-Hg (30 kPa)
  • Includes Main Unit, Straight Suction Nozzle, Bent Suction Nozzle, Suction Pads
  • Power : 7 Watt
  • Pump type : Diaphragm
  • Max Suction : 600mmHg (0.06MPa)
  • Suction Pad : Conducting Silicon Rubber
  • Dimensions : 130mm x 160mm x 110mm (approx.)
  • Main Unit
  • Straight Suction Nozzle (1.45mm outer diameter)
  • Bent Suction Nozzle (1.45mm outer diameter)
  • Operating Manual

IVS-381 Electrically-operated very powerful Vacuum Pick-up Pen (Vacuum pickup tool) is designed for pick and place large SMD components as LED chips, large chip capacitors, large chip resistors and large size SMD ICs. Additionally this ensures no damage to all such expensive SMD components during picking and placing.

Vacuum Pick-up Pen is available exclusively at INDE Enterprises in India at best price.

Overview Video

Unboxing and Demonstration Video