LCD Video Microscopes

Buy Very high resolution Video Microscope, rotational angled for 3D viewing, 8x~198x magnification. Binocular viewing & Video imaging Combo Microscope innovates the traditional way of binocular viewing with additional easy-to-view video image on LCD Screen. Available online at best price in India only at INDE Enterprises.


Binocular LCD Digital Display Microscope

Binocular Viewing & LCD Digital Display combo Microscope
Model: ITDM-3015

ITDM-3015 makes QC observations comfortable and fatigue-free by using a combination of digital image capturing.

  • Zoom Microscope allows continuous magnification with clear images throughout the zoom range.
  • Clear stereo images, wide field of view, long working distance.
  • Applications includes viewing of electronics PCB’s, microelectronics, metal surfaces etc.
  • Ease of use: Load the software, use the PC interface into USB port of Computer and start taking high magnification images upto 1024 x 768 pixel and videos.
  • Camera with features like auto gain control, auto exposure, control, auto white balance control.
  • Fully packaged solution: It is a complete system with all elements configured to work with each other including stereo zoom microscope, camera, illumination, cables (user only needs to provide PC).
Display : 8“ (200mm) High Resolution LCD, Color
Device Dimension : 1/3”
Horizontal Resolution : 700TV line
Pixels : 976(H)X582(V)
Scanning System : 525 lines, 60 Frames/sec
Back Light Compensation : Auto
Signal-to-Noise : More than 46db
Gamma Characteristics : 0.45
Minimum illumination : 3.1 Lux
Input Voltage : 12V DC (9V-14V) thru supplied Adaptor
Power Consumption : Less than 1.85W
Pixel Space Between : 0.213mm
Visual Angle : 170/170(H/V)
Horizontal : 30-61KHz
Vertical : 60-75Hz
Colour : 16,777,216 Colours
Highest Mode : 1024X768@75Hz
Sync. Video Signal : H/V Separate, TTL,P or N.0.7Vp-p@75ohm
Colour System : PAL/NTSC4.43/NTSC3.58/SECAM
Sound System : BG/DK/I/M
Video Input : 1.0Vp-p@75ohm
Audio Input : 500mVrms
Power Consumption : 9W
Energy-saving : <1.0W
Eyepiece : W10x/22mm
Total Magnification : 7x ~ 135x
Objective : 0.7x ~ 4.5x
Work Distance : 100mm (max.)
Light Source : LED Light
C-mount : 1 x
Large Base : 2 0 x 3 mm (approx.)

ITDM-3015 Combo Microscope innovates the traditional way of microscopic by modern binocular viewing adding digital imaging. It makes QC comfortable and fatigue-free by using combination of digital image inspection easy capturing, instant viewing on the Display Monitor besides providing real time optical binocular viewing.


Video Microscope LCDScopePRO20-Deluxe

Hi-End Video Microscope
Model: LCDScopePRO20-Deluxe

Rotational Angled Lens (35°) for 3-D viewing with 8x~198x Magnification.

  • 10" LCD Screen, rotatable vertically by 150°
  • Magnification : 8x - 198x (with various lenses)
  • Hi-resolution 1024x768 pixel digital image
  • Built-in LED Ring Light with intensity control
  • Laser Pointer for locating observation point
  • Video output for external LCD/Plasma TV
  • Heavy Duty Stand with precise movement
  • Precision rack & pinion steel gears for fine focus
  • Zoom allows continuous magnification with clear images throughout the zoom range.
  • Wide field of view, working distance upto 200 mm
  • Ease of use: load the software, plug the cable of Microscope into USB Port of Computer - It is now ready to capture high quality images and videos.
  • PC Interface for computer connection
  • Live full motion digital video capturing
  • Complete packaged solution: it is a complete system with all elements configured to work with each other, including Zoom Microscope, CCD Camera, Measurement Software, Illumination, Cables (user only needs to provide PC)
  • Stores images in JPEG & Video in AVI formats
Display : 10 inch LCD Monitor, 16ms High Definition Colour
Zoom Body : 0.7x ~ 4.5x with reticle function
Zoom Ratio : 1 : 6.5
Magnification Range : 8x ~ 198x
Focusing Adjustment : 90 mm (Max. Head Travel Distance)
Sensor : CCD
Resolution : 1024 x 768
illumination Unit : Built-in LED Ring Light
Brightness Control : LED Array, can be controlled using Push Buttons
LCD Screen Rotation : 150 degree
White Balance : Adjustable from Control Panel
Laser Pointer : 650nm Laser Pointer for locating the point of observation
Video Output : BNC Connector and S-Video Connector for output to TV or LCD
Power Supply : 230 VAC, 50Hz
Lenses types : Included 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x
Rotational Lens : Semi-Plan achromatic with special optics for rotational view
Bottom Lighting : LED with intensity control
Track Length of Stand : 500mm
Travel Distance of Stand : 460mm
Coaxial Focus : 23mm/circle
Fine Focus : 0.56mm/circle
Focus Movement : Using rack and pinion steel gears
Base Size : 320×316×21mm
Glass Plate : 95x5mm
X Axis Travel of Stage - : 75mm
Y Axis Travel of Stage - : 56mm
Backlight Window in XY Stage : 116 x 96mm
Adaptor for Base : 94mm
Software : Software for image & video capture, save, recall
Image Storage Format : JPG
Video Storage Format : AVI
Camera Control : Sharpness, Gamma, White Balance and Gain can be controlled
Camera Control : Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation can be controlled
  • 10” LCD Zoom Microscope Body
  • X-Y Adjustable Stage
  • Laser Pointer
  • 35° Angled View Rotational Lens
  • PC Interface Module with Software
  • 76mm LED High Track Stand
  • 0.5X, 1X, 1.5X, 2X Lenses
  • Ultra Mag Digital Video Microscope
  • Head Mount Magnifier
  • Calibration and Measurement Software (to use with Ultra mag Digital Microscope)
  • 15 inch external LCD Monitor (Optional)

LCDScopePRO20 Video Microscope incorporates state-of-art technology and offers crystal clear picture quality under high magnification. It makes observations comfortable and eliminates fatigue for long duration viewing. Microscope This incorporates high performance CCD imaging, high resolution LCD Screen, Zoom Lens and Fine Optics in an ergonomic design. It is a powerful and complete visual QC inspection system.

The 35° angled Rotational Lens provides depth viewing in complete 360° area. The built-in LED Ring Light provides clarity in viewing. The built-in Laser Pointer is used to focus the inspection area. Supplied various Adapter Lenses provide wide range of magnifications from 8x to 198x of QC inspection.