Adjustable Temperature Digital Hot Air Gun

Buy High Reliability Hot Air Gun with Digital Display at best price in India. It is a consistent temperature Digital Display Handheld Hot Air Gun Desoldering Station. It is ideal for any manufacturing environment and has a high utilization rate and ultimate application flexibility.


Adjustable Temperature Digital Hot Air Gun
Model: 885I-ESD

This hot air gun model 885I-ESD is a powerful tool that allows you to control the temperature and air volume for various applications. With a power consumption of 2100 watts, it can heat up quickly and provide a precise temperature range from 50°C to 650°C using digital temperature control.

The air volume can also be adjusted from 180 liters/minute for normal air, to 200 and 400 liters/minute for hot air. This makes it ideal for tasks such as welding, soldering, desoldering, drying, and shrinking.

The hot air gun comes with a patented long-life heating element and a precise temperature sensor, making it highly reliable for long-term use. Additionally, spare heating elements and other parts are readily available for easy replacement when needed.

The package includes the hot air gun, a shrinking nozzle, and an operating manual, making it easy to start using the tool right away. With a weight of only 1.25 kg, it is lightweight and easy to handle for extended periods of use.

  • Digital temperature control 50°C~650°C
  • Air Volume: 180 litre/minute (Normal Air), 200 & 400 litre/minute (Hot Air)
  • Highly reliable with 2100 watt heat power
  • Patented long life Heating Element with precise Temperature Sensor
  • Spare Heating Element & other parts readily available
  • Power consumption :  2100 Watt
  • Temperature Control :  50°C to 650°C
  • Input Supply :  230VAC, 50Hz
  • Air Volume :
    - 180 litre/minute at Step I, cold air
    - 200 litre/minute at Step II, hot air
    - 400 litre/minute at Step III, hot air
  • Weight : 1.25 kg (approx.)
  • Heat Gun
  • Shrinking Nozzle
  • Operating Manual


Unboxing and working demo of Hot Air Gun I885