Solder Wire Reel Holders & Stands

A Solder Wire Reel Holder is a device used to hold a spool of solder wire during soldering. The holder typically consists of a spool or reel of solder wire mounted on a stand or frame that allows the wire to be unwound smoothly during use. The holder also have features such as a wire guide to help prevent tangles or kinks in the wire, and a brake or tension adjustment to control the speed and tension of the wire feed. Solder wire reel holders come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different spool sizes and user preferences. Solder Wire Reel Holder is used in electronics assembly line, and other applications where soldering is required.



Solder Wire Reel Holder / Stand

Solder Wire Reel Holder / Stand with guide is used to hold the Solder Wire Reel upto 1kg. This stand has Collection Plate also for drop-out solder wire to avoid mess on the working table.

  • Holds upto 1 kg roll of solder wire
  • Maximum Solder spool width: 80mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 15mm
  • Keep Work bench neat & clean
  • Smooth draw our of solder wire
  • Size: 145(L) x 113(W) x 120(H)mm (approx.)