Solder fume absorbers

Working of table-top and table clamp type solder fume absorber Model I493ESD and Model I493-A

Fume extractors Model I493 and Model I493–A

Solder-Fume-Absorber-Model-I493-ASolder fumes are harmful to health particularly if you are inhaling it for a long period of time while working on electronic circuits. The more flux you use to obtain perfect solder joints (on SMD circuits) the more fumes are generated. Service technicians become sensitized to flux fumes, especially from the older rosin flux used in cored solder and get breathing problems. INDE Enterprises offers two of the most advanced ESD Safe Solder Fume Absorbers also known as Solder Fume Extractors in India at the most affordable price for service technicians and manufacturing units.

Spending money on Solder Fume Extractor is worth every rupee. We have two types of Solder Fume Absorbers - Table top type and Table Clamp Type. One should never miss these on any Soldering Operator’s Workbench.

Both our Fume Extractors Model I493 and Model I493–A removes noxious solder fumes quickly and completely so that operators will not inhale the same directly. It will leaves the operator with clean air to breath and much more lively environment to work in.

solder-fume-absorber-model-I493The clamp design is done in such a way that it saves a lot of space on your workbench. It gives you more room on your workbench for keeping other tools like Smart tweezers, Oscilloscope, Electronic Magnifying Glass and Soldering Stations.

In addition to saving space on the workbench Fume Absorber Model I493-A has adjustable extension arm positions that can be set at a desired angle or position to maximize the absorption of the solder fumes.

The replaceable filter (Part No. IRF493) used in these fume absorbers are made of refined urethane and use activated high absorption carbon. These filters conform to international safety standards set in various countries including India.

We supply useful accessories with ESD Safe Clamp type Solder Fume Absorbers. Some of the accessories are as listed below:

  • Attachment to connect the hose to re-direct the solder fumes outside the working area.
  • Attachment to re-direct the solder fumes so that the fume is not inhaled by other operators.


Model I493 and Model I493-A use very less power of 20 watts for their normal operations at 220V AC (50Hz). Noiseless operation with more than sufficient suction power makes them an ideal fume absorbers in India.

We stock and supply all the spares required for fume absorbers in India.  To place your inquiry for Fume Absorber or spares, send your requirement to

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