Soldering Stations With And Without Solder Feeder


If you work on traditional electronic circuit boards or on modern miniaturized SMT boards then soldering station is one such indispensable product that cannot be ignored. It is an absolute must for any electronic professional at all levels. A soldering station is a digital temperature-controlled device with control circuits and a soldering iron with a temperature sensor on its tip. A soldering station makes your soldering jobs on SMD circuit boards a breeze.

We understand the pulse of professionals in India and offer a complete range of soldering stations for your manufacturing, repair work and laboratory needs. We have carefully selected the best soldering stations and soldering tools from the global manufacturers to address the specific Indian requirements. We are committed to bring the best soldering solutions with/without solder feeders.

We have a wide range of readily available stock of soldering stations like Weller digital WSD 81, Intelligent value for money type DSSLF04H, Ultra-Fast thermal recovery 120 Watt, High mass soldering station 150 Watt (with/without Solder feeder type).

We have a diverse/large customer base ranging from power corporations, defense sector, manufacturing, service industry and automotive part makers in India.

Please go through the following list of Soldering Stations and order your requirements with us today and take advantage of our high level service including prompt dispatch and delivery.

Ultra-Fast SMD Lead Free & Soldering Station Model DSSLF04HESD-UF

Ultra-Fast SMD Lead Free & Soldering Station


Hi-quality Lead Free & SMD soldering inherently needs soldering at lower temperature which requires ultra-fast heat transfer type Soldering Station.

Scope of Supply:
  • ESD Safe Main Power & Control Unit
  • ESD Safe light weight Soldering Pencil fitted with 303-2.4D Chisel Soldering Tip
  • Combined Dry & Wet Tip Cleaner Support Rack
  • 303-3.2D Chisel Soldering Tip
  • 303-3C Sloped Soldering Tip 3mm
  • 303-SK SMD Soldering Tip
  • SMD Liquid Flux Pen

Weller Digital Soldering Station Model WSD 81

Weller Digital Soldering Station

Model: WSD 81i

German made soldering station widely used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free Soldering solutions.

  • Most popular 80 Watt Digital Soldering Station
  • Used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free soldering
  • In-built Temperature Difference Offset setting
  • In-built Setback Time (0-99 minutes) setting
  • Supervisor can define Pre-programmed Temperature Window

Best VFM intelligent Soldering Station Model DSSLF04H

Best VFM intelligent Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF04H

Best price and performance for fine pitch SMD and reliable lead-free soldering solutions.

  • 90 Watt Intelligent Digital Soldering Station
  • Supervisor can set and lock 2 common process temperatures
  • In-built Digital Temperature Offset for ISO 9000 calibration
  • Optional Solder Wire Feeder available to raise productivity
  • Specially designed for Lead Free & Fine Pitch SMD soldering jobs

Ultra-Fast Thermal Recovery 120 Watt Model DSSLF120 Soldering Station

Ultra-Fast Thermal Recovery 120 Watt Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF120

Unique soldering station which solders reliably fine pitch SMD and reliable lead-free soldering solution.

  • In-built temperature Off-Set feature for calibration from panel itself to meet ISO 9000 requirements
  • 2 Auto-Sleep and Auto-Shut-Off features get activated after pre-set time.
  • 3 Supervisory process temperature lock feature: operators cannot change it.
  • High production rate with high reliability in solder joints
  • Lower production cost with higher life of Soldering Tips
  • Very light weight Soldering Pencil for Operator’s comfort
  • Special Soldering Tips for Solar Panels & Fine Pitch SMD soldering
  • Same Soldering Station suitable for heavy automotive parts soldering
  • Add optional Solder Wire Feeding Station to increase operator’s productivity and to avoid solder wire wastage

150 Watt High Mass Soldering Station

150 Watt High Mass Soldering Station

Model: DSSHP03G

150 watt high power soldering station for heavy soldering applications that is affordably priced for production line usage.

  • Production workhorse for heavy mass soldering jobs
  • 3.5 mm (normal soldering) to 16 mm (heavy mass soldering) Tips available
  • 95% Solar Panels makers in China use this Soldering Station
  • Widely used by Power Capacitors & Automotive Parts Indian makers
  • Customized Soldering Tips for special applications available

320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station Model DSSHP06G

320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station

Model: DSSHP300

Very affordable and very hi-power soldering station that is both reliable and ideal for any type of very heavy mass soldering applications.

  • Used by Heavy Inductor Coils makers in India
  • Used by High Power Capacitors makers in India
  • Supervisor can lock optimized process temperature
  • In-built temperature offset provision for ISO 9000 calibration
  • In-built programming functions of auto sleep and shut-off

Low Cost Workhorse Soldering Station Model DSS36

Low Cost Workhorse Soldering Station

Model: DSS36

A value for money type soldering station. It is one of the finest work-horse for budget conscious customers that requires low capital investment + low running cost and uses lower priced soldering tips.

  • Widely used by Indian EMS providers because of low capital investment
  • Lower priced Soldering Tips keeps production cost low
  • 90 Watt Heating Power, reliable LED Digital Display
  • Temperature Locking with supervisory password
  • In-built Digital Calibration for ISO 9000

80 Watt Low Cost Soldering Stations for regular Production

80 Watt Low Cost Soldering Stations for regular Production

Models: Model DSS25A (Analog) | Model DSS25D (Digital)

Custom designed Soldering Tips can be made on special request with MOQ.

  • High Quality Ceramic Heating Element
  • Lightweight handle for long duration use
  • Digital display for Digital Stations
  • Comes with Power & Control Unit
  • Soldering Pencil fitted with Soldering Tip
  • Soldering Pencil Holder & Cleaning Sponge

2-Channels Soldering Station Model DSSLF2X04H

Dual Channel Digital Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF2X04H

Each Channel of 90 Watt and Customized Soldering Tips are available.

  • Both Soldering Pencils of 90 Watt, each can be used simultaneously.
  • Good temperature stability during soldering because of rapid thermal recovery
  • Separate design of Soldering Tip, Temperature Sensor and Heating Element to keep lower running cost
  • Provision of temperature locking by supervisor ensures optimized soldering process temperature
  • In-built digital calibration with temperature Off-Set provision to meet ISO 9000 requirements
  • Provision of programming Auto Sleep function provides electrical energy saving and prolongs life of Heating Element as well of Soldering Tips.

Hi-Power Soldering Station with Solder Feeder Model DSF-76D-150

Hi-Power Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Model: DSF-76D-150

Specially designed for soldering of Solar Panels & Heavy Automotive Electronics.

  • Digitized pushbuttons for precise temperature control
  • Solder Feed Length, Speed and Time Programming Switches
  • Digital display for Temperature
  • Soldering Pencil Stand
  • 150 Watt Soldering Pencil
  • Finger Switch for Feeding desired length of Solder Wire at SET speed
  • Solder Wire Feeding Assembly

Soldering Station with Solder Feeder Model DSF76D

Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Model: DSF76D

Increases productivity of operators and saves money in solder wire.

  • Increases Operator’s productivity
  • Regularly saves wastage of Solder Wire
  • 90 Watt Fast Thermal Recovery Soldering Station
  • Makes Operator’s both hands free
  • Provides consistency in solder joints quality

Production Workhorse Low Cost Soldering Station Model DSS36 + SFS81

Production Workhorse Low Cost Soldering Station

Model: DSS36 + SFS81

Low capital investment + low running cost, uses lower priced Soldering Tips.

  • Temperature Locking with supervisory password
  • Long Life Ceramic Heating Element
  • In-built Digital Calibration for ISO 9000
  • 7-Segment reliable LED Digital Display
  • Soldering Tips available for different applications
  • Suitable for Lead-Free soldering

Integrated SMD/PTH Soldering Package, SMDSOL-2021-PK1

Integrated SMD/PTH Soldering Package

Models: SMDSOL-2021-PK1

  • Weller WX2021 Set with WXMP & WXMT
  • Vacuum Pick, Electric, IVS-381
  • Fume Abosorber, I493
  • Solder Wire Stand
  • Table Top LED Magnifier
  • Solder Wire Roll, 250 gms: 2nos.
  • Desoldering Wick: 3 nos.
  • Flux Bottle: 2nos.
  • Dispenser Bottle: 2nos.
  • Solder Aid Kit • PLCC Extractor • Tip Activator
  • ESD Mat Kit • Fine tip Curved Tweezer: 2 nos.
  • ESD Safe Soft Tip Tweezer • Cutting Pliers: 2 nos.
  • SMD Tweezer • ESD Safe Cleaning Brush, A2: 2 nos. • Flux Pen: 2nos.
  • ESD Safe Cleaning Brush, E2