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We offer a comprehensive range of soldering stations with or without solder feeder. We have a long list of happy soldering station clients from both public and private sector. All our soldering stations carry a warranty of 12 months from the date of invoice. Our Soldering Stations are stringently tested at Electronic Test and Development Center (Govt. of India Lab.).  

INDE maintains a reputation of delivering the best value-for-money 90Watt to 320Watt rated Soldering Stations for leadfree & fine SMD soldering as well soldering LED lighting, automotive electronic components, solar cells & panels, high power film capacitors and other industrial electronics applications with no-question-asked type after-sales-service.

We keep high quantity stocks of these Soldering Stations, Soldering Tips & Spare Parts so as to provide immediate delivery for all.

Ultra-Fast SMD Lead Free & Soldering Station Model DSSLF04HESD-UF

Ultra-Fast SMD Lead Free & Soldering Station


Hi-quality Lead Free & SMD soldering inherently needs soldering at lower temperature which requires ultra-fast heat transfer type Soldering Station.

Scope of Supply:
  • ESD Safe Main Power & Control Unit
  • ESD Safe light weight Soldering Pencil fitted with 303-2.4D Chisel Soldering Tip
  • Combined Dry & Wet Tip Cleaner Support Rack
  • 303-3.2D Chisel Soldering Tip
  • 303-3C Sloped Soldering Tip 3mm
  • 303-SK SMD Soldering Tip
  • SMD Liquid Flux Pen

Weller Digital Soldering Station Model WSD 81

Weller Digital Soldering Station

Model: WSD 81i

German made soldering station widely used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free Soldering solutions.

  • Most popular 80 Watt Digital Soldering Station
  • Used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free soldering
  • In-built Temperature Difference Offset setting
  • In-built Setback Time (0-99 minutes) setting
  • Supervisor can define Pre-programmed Temperature Window

Best VFM intelligent Soldering Station Model DSSLF04H

Best VFM intelligent Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF04H

Best price and performance for fine pitch SMD and reliable lead-free soldering solutions.

  • 90 Watt Intelligent Digital Soldering Station
  • Supervisor can set and lock 2 common process temperatures
  • In-built Digital Temperature Offset for ISO 9000 calibration
  • Optional Solder Wire Feeder available to raise productivity
  • Specially designed for Lead Free & Fine Pitch SMD soldering jobs

Ultra-Fast Thermal Recovery 120 Watt Model DSSLF120 Soldering Station

Ultra-Fast Thermal Recovery 120 Watt Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF120

Unique soldering station which solders reliably fine pitch SMD and reliable lead-free soldering solution.

  • In-built temperature Off-Set feature for calibration from panel itself to meet ISO 9000 requirements
  • 2 Auto-Sleep and Auto-Shut-Off features get activated after pre-set time.
  • 3 Supervisory process temperature lock feature: operators cannot change it.
  • High production rate with high reliability in solder joints
  • Lower production cost with higher life of Soldering Tips
  • Very light weight Soldering Pencil for Operator’s comfort
  • Special Soldering Tips for Solar Panels & Fine Pitch SMD soldering
  • Same Soldering Station suitable for heavy automotive parts soldering
  • Add optional Solder Wire Feeding Station to increase operator’s productivity and to avoid solder wire wastage

150 Watt High Mass Soldering Station

Model: DSSHP03G

150 watt high power soldering station for heavy soldering applications that is affordably priced for production line usage.

  • Production workhorse for heavy mass soldering jobs
  • 3.5 mm (normal soldering) to 16 mm (heavy mass soldering) Tips available
  • 95% Solar Panels makers in China use this Soldering Station
  • Widely used by Power Capacitors & Automotive Parts Indian makers
  • Customized Soldering Tips for special applications available

320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station Model DSSHP06G

320 Watt Very Hi-Power Soldering Station

Model: DSSHP300

Very affordable and very hi-power soldering station that is both reliable and ideal for any type of very heavy mass soldering applications.

  • Used by Heavy Inductor Coils makers in India
  • Used by High Power Capacitors makers in India
  • Supervisor can lock optimized process temperature
  • In-built temperature offset provision for ISO 9000 calibration
  • In-built programming functions of auto sleep and shut-off

Low Cost Workhorse Soldering Station Model DSS36

Low Cost Workhorse Soldering Station

Model: DSS36

A value for money type soldering station. It is one of the finest work-horse for budget conscious customers that requires low capital investment + low running cost and uses lower priced soldering tips.

  • Widely used by Indian EMS providers because of low capital investment
  • Lower priced Soldering Tips keeps production cost low
  • 90 Watt Heating Power, reliable LED Digital Display
  • Temperature Locking with supervisory password
  • In-built Digital Calibration for ISO 9000

80 Watt Low Cost Soldering Stations for regular Production

80 Watt Low Cost Soldering Stations for regular Production

Models: Model DSS25A (Analog) | Model DSS25D (Digital)

Custom designed Soldering Tips can be made on special request with MOQ.

  • High Quality Ceramic Heating Element
  • Lightweight handle for long duration use
  • Digital display for Digital Stations
  • Comes with Power & Control Unit
  • Soldering Pencil fitted with Soldering Tip
  • Soldering Pencil Holder & Cleaning Sponge

2-Channels Soldering Station Model DSSLF2X04H

Dual Channel Digital Soldering Station

Model: DSSLF2X04H

Each Channel of 90 Watt and Customized Soldering Tips are available.

  • Both Soldering Pencils of 90 Watt, each can be used simultaneously.
  • Good temperature stability during soldering because of rapid thermal recovery
  • Separate design of Soldering Tip, Temperature Sensor and Heating Element to keep lower running cost
  • Provision of temperature locking by supervisor ensures optimized soldering process temperature
  • In-built digital calibration with temperature Off-Set provision to meet ISO 9000 requirements
  • Provision of programming Auto Sleep function provides electrical energy saving and prolongs life of Heating Element as well of Soldering Tips.

Hi-Power Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Model: DSF-76D-150

Specially designed for soldering of Solar Panels & Heavy Automotive Electronics.

  • Digitized pushbuttons for precise temperature control
  • Solder Feed Length, Speed and Time Programming Switches
  • Digital display for Temperature
  • Soldering Pencil Stand
  • 150 Watt Soldering Pencil
  • Finger Switch for Feeding desired length of Solder Wire at SET speed
  • Solder Wire Feeding Assembly

Soldering Station with Solder Feeder

Model: DSF76D

Increases productivity of operators and saves money in solder wire.

  • Increases Operator’s productivity
  • Regularly saves wastage of Solder Wire
  • 90 Watt Fast Thermal Recovery Soldering Station
  • Makes Operator’s both hands free
  • Provides consistency in solder joints quality

Production Workhorse Low Cost Soldering Station Model DSS36 + SFS81

Production Workhorse Low Cost Soldering Station

Model: DSS36 + SFS81

Low capital investment + low running cost, uses lower priced Soldering Tips.

  • Temperature Locking with supervisory password
  • Long Life Ceramic Heating Element
  • In-built Digital Calibration for ISO 9000
  • 7-Segment reliable LED Digital Display
  • Soldering Tips available for different applications
  • Suitable for Lead-Free soldering

Integrated SMD/PTH Soldering Package, SMDSOL-2021-PK1

Integrated SMD/PTH Soldering Package

Models: SMDSOL-2021-PK1

  • Weller WX2021 Set with WXMP & WXMT
  • Vacuum Pick, Electric, IVS-381
  • Fume Abosorber, I493
  • Solder Wire Stand
  • Table Top LED Magnifier
  • Solder Wire Roll, 250 gms: 2nos.
  • Desoldering Wick: 3 nos.
  • Flux Bottle: 2nos.
  • Dispenser Bottle: 2nos.
  • Solder Aid Kit • PLCC Extractor • Tip Activator
  • ESD Mat Kit • Fine tip Curved Tweezer: 2 nos.
  • ESD Safe Soft Tip Tweezer • Cutting Pliers: 2 nos.
  • SMD Tweezer • ESD Safe Cleaning Brush, A2: 2 nos. • Flux Pen: 2nos.
  • ESD Safe Cleaning Brush, E2