Smart Tweezers Colibri

Low cost Smart Tweezers Colibri - LCR Meter

Model: Smart Tweezers Colibri™

Smart Tweezers Colibri™ is a professional quality, low cost LCR/ESR reader. It is a perfect solution for testing, identifying components and troubleshooting electronic circuits. Ideally suited for Non-Professionals and hobbyists who want to use their basic skills to test and debug circuits that Smart Tweezers can but at much lower price.

The unique design combines a pair of tweezers like probes and a digital LCR-reader in one compact and lightweight device. The gold plated precision probes are designed to work with smallest SMT components.

Smart Tweezers Colibri™ displays component type and value include a secondary parameter for capacitors and inductors. Automatic component identification and test frequency selection simplifies measurements by eliminating unnecessary trial and error time.

Long battery life and extremely low sleep current makes this device an ideal choice for broad spectrum of applications from production lines to autonomous missions.

Using Smart Tweezers Colibri™ provides a quick and convenient way to test, sort and evaluate SMT components and perform on-board measurements and debugging.

Smart Tweezers Colibri™ is a trim down version for budget conscious people of India of its more professional sibling ST-5S. Presented below is a brief guide that shows you how to use this Smart Tweezers Colibri.

Using Smart Tweezers Colibri

Comparison between Colibri™ and ST-5S

Both ST-5S and Colibri are available for sale at INDE Enterprises. Selecting anyone of this tool can be a challenging chore since both these testing tools looks and feels the same. Following are some of the guidelines that you may follow before making up your mind.

Smart Tweezers ST-5S Vs Smart Tweezers ColibriSmart Tweezers ST-5S (LCRZ Meter) is a high-end top quality LCR meter developed for electronic professionals, scientists, researchers, developers, manufacturers, teachers, technicians and service professionals. It is used by the leading companies and research centers in India and is also used by Indian para military forces, telecommunication industry (private and public both), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and Indian Air force.

ST-5S is carefully calibrated to give a very high testing accuracy of up to 0.2%. The manufacturer also gives a NIST traceable Calibration Certificate along with ST-5S.

For more information about Smart Tweezers ST5S please download Smart Tweezers ST5S user manual.

Smart Tweezers Colibri (LCR-Reader) is a low cost alternative to Smart Tweezers ST-5S developed specifically for non-professionals and hobbyists. It is a trim-down version for budget conscious customers who want nearly same functions as ST-5S and do not put too much weight on higher accuracies.

It gives a lower accuracy reading of 1%. It can still perform far better than any other earlier models of Smart Tweezers (like ST-AE, ST1 etc.). Calibration certificate is not provided by the manufacturer with Colibri. Automatic Offset Subtraction feature is also not present in Colibri. For more information about Colibri please download Smart Tweezers Colibri manual.

Both these products are ideal for testing. Based on your requirements and budget you can decide on selecting the right option to address your requirement. Alternatively you can write to us with your requirements and we can suggest you the best option.

Users: Professionals / Manufacturers Armatures / Hobbyist (Low Cost Model)
Test frequency: 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 120Hz,100 Hz 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz
Calibration certificate: Yes (NIST traceable calibration certificate) No (Calibration certificate not provided)
Basic Accuracy: 0.2% 1.0%
Resistance (R): 0.05 Ω to 9.9 MΩ 0.05 Ω to 9.9 Ω
Capacitance (C): 0.5 pF to 999 μF 0.5 pF to 4999 µF
Inductance (L): 0.5 uH to 999 mH 0.5 uH to 999 mH
Weight: 53 grams (0.116 lb) 29 grams (0.063 lb)
Test signal level: 0.5/1.0 +/- 5% Vrms Sine wave 0.5 +/- 5% Vrms Sine wave
Battery type: 3.7V LiPO rechargeable 180mAH 3.7V LiPO Rechargeable 220 mAh
Automatic Offset Subtraction: Available Not Available
Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C 0 °C to +50 °C
Battery life: 2 hour charge time, 80 hours battery life 40 hours (2 hour charging cycle)
Size: 14.0 x 2.5 x 3.0 cm 14.8 x 2.0 x 1.5 cm
Warranty: 1 Year 1 Year
Authorized Service Center: INDE Enterprises INDE Enterprises