Fiber Optic Tester & Inspection Tool

Fiber Optic Inspection Tool, Econo Type

Fiber Optic Inspection Tool, Econo Type
P/N: GM-60

This fiber optic viewing scope makes it simple to view ST/SC/FC type connectors and the ends of fiber before and after cleaving operations.

  • Magnifications : 3 Built in 150X, 175X and 200X
  • Zoom : From 160X to 175X to 200X
  • Batteries : 2xAA size batteries (not included)
  • Focus : Thru knob

Fiber Optic Continuity Tester

Fiber Optic Continuity Tester
P/N: TCT-3600

Now you can easily isolate high losses and faults in optical fiber cable with our fiber optic continuity tester. This handheld, visible laser source emits a bright beam of light into a fiber, allowing you to see a break as glowing or blinking light.

  • Simple, versatile and user-friendly design
  • Rugged, compact and splash proof housing
  • Support 2.5mm Connectors (for PC/FC/SC/ST)
  • Button switch permits easy 1 hand operation
  • Handy, pocket pen design
  • 2 AAA-size alkaline batteries provide 50 hrs. of continuous operation