Fume Extraction Systems

Quick-installing (Complete Kit supplied) & easy-to-move-around portability types powerful Imported Fumes Extraction Systems for Solder Fumes, Laser Dust and Adhesive Chemicals. Normally immediate delivery, also of all spare parts. 100’s of these are working all over India in repeat …. repeat orders.


Humidity Cabinets, Dry Humidity Cabinets

Wide range of Dehumidifying Dry Storage Cabinets for Commercial, Industrial, Electronics Industries and Labs. Normally available with immediate delivery, also spare parts available readily. Large number of these Dry Storage Cabinets have been supplied all over India in repeat …. repeat orders.


Soldering Robots

Quick China is the leading manufacturer in the world of wide range of in-line & off-line Soldering Robots in 3-Axis & 4-Axis. Their Quality is incredibly of very high like German type though prices are much lower than Japanese types. We have supplied their many Soldering Robots in India, normally in repeat … repeat orders. We do provide engineering services and user training. We also keep their spare parts in stock, normally for immediate delivery.


Soldering Station Model DSSLF04HESD Soldering Station with Thermal Tweezer Very High Power Soldering Station

Soldering Station DSSLF04HESD for SMD & Leadfree soldering with two process temperatures program

Digital Soldering Station Model DSS36 for heavy production use with low capital investment & low running cost. Add optional Solder Wire Feeder for higher operator’s productivity and more profit with solder wire saving.

High Power 150 Watt Soldering Station Model DSSLF150ESD for high mass soldering applications


Polarised Digital Video Microscope Screw Fastening and Liquid Dispensing Robots Binocular Viewing and LCD Combo Microscope

USB Digital Microscope IUSB-5PS Polarization Filter for true colours in Quality Control video inspection

Quick China also makes wide range of in-line & off-line Screw Fastening Robots for mobile phones assembly and Liquid Dispensing Robots for wide applications of various types of industrial glue and liquid dispensing

Binocular viewing & Digital Display combo Microscope ITDM-3015 with 7x~135x magnification & wide Base


Desoldering Station DDS01 Soldering Desoldering Rework Station Hot Air Station

Low cost PTH leaded components Desoldering Station Model DDS01 Immediate delivery of spare parts

SMD & Thru-Hole mixed Rework/Repair System Model MFRS500SUSB for repair of expensive SMD/PTH mixed multilayer PCBs. This is used in large numbers all over India by so many different customers with repeat orders.

Powerful 1300 Watt 200 Litres/min Hot Air Station Model HRS61D for reworking of large size SMD ICs


Weller Soldering Desoldering Spares Weller WXD2020, W61, W101

40 years back Inde introduced Weller Germany Soldering & Desoldering Staions in India. Even today Inde supplies Weller Spare Parts: Heating Elements, Soldering Tips, Soldering Pencils, Desoldering Pencils etc.

Inde Enterprises normally gives immediate delivery of all Weller Germany WSD81i, WD1000, WR2002 Set, WR3000M Set, WXD2020 Set, WX2021 Set, W201/W101/W61 Pencils, WHP80 Heating Plate, WSD151 Soldering Station


Solder Pot SP-200 Stannol Germany Solder Wire Digital Solder Pot

Reliable and High quality Leadfree Solder Pot Model SP-200 having  36 mm dia, upto 500°C & 200 Watt

SN100C type Leadfree Solder Wires with dia from 0.3mm ~ 2.0mm

Sn99Cu1 Leadfree Solder Wires with dia from 0.5mm to 6mm

Trilence Sn96Ag3Cu1 Leadfree Solder Wires in 0.3/0.5/0.7 mm dia

Hi-reliability Digital type Leadfree Solder Pot Model I100-15S with immediate delivery of spare parts


Kolver Italy Torque Testers

High reliability, comparatively lower priced Kolver Italy Torque & Angle Current Controlled Electric Screwdrivers upto as high as 50 Nm Torque Range (replace heavy pneumatic types), High performance On-line & Off-line Torque Testers, Telescopic Arms, Screw Feeders, Brushless Electric Screwdrivers


ESD Safe Grid Bags, Wrist Straps, ESD Safe Tweezers, Wambier Germany ESD Testers

We provide ESD Safe Gloves, Wrist Strap, Flux Bottle, Dispensing Bottle, Slippers, Apron, Cleaning Brush, Cutting Plier, ESD Bags, Tweezer, Trays

Wolfgang Wambier GmbH Germany Metriso 2000 Test Kit, Model EFM51 Electrostatic Field Meter & Model PGT120 Wrist Strap & Foot Wear Tester


ESD Safe Mat Kit 0.6 x 1.2 meter ESD Safe Green Colour Matte Finish Mat Rolls ESD Safe Mat Kit 0.9 x 1.5 meter

Ready-to-use ESD Safe Table Mat Kit 0.6 x 1.2 meter with 2 Buttons

Top most Quality 2-Layer 2 mm thick Matte Finish Green colour ESD Rubber Mat Rolls, very competitively priced and immediate delivery

Ready-to-use ESD Safe Table Mat Kit 0.9 x 1.5 meter with 2 Buttons


QC Magnifiers for Visual Inspection

We offer highest quality type QC Inspection Magnifiers with CFL or LED Light in ESD & non-ESD versions at competitive price with immediate delivery


ESD Safe PCB Magazine Rack PCB Holder ESD Testers Thermal Teflon Wire Stripper

Top Most Quality Lever adjustable type PCB Magazine Rack IPMR-805

Adjustable and 360° Rotatable type PCB Holder Model IPCBH200ESD

Wide range of ESD Testers for testing surface resistivity

Thermal and Mechanical Wire Stripper for all types of insulations


Electrical Screwdriver Liquid Dispenser Dring Oven Kraftwerk Torque Wrenches

Brushless type Torque Controlled Electric Screwdriver ESBT4500

Highly reliable Liquid Dispensing System for Adhesives and Pastes

Digitally Controlled Drying Oven for pre-baking of PCBs & components

Kraftwerk Switzerland make Highly Precise type Torque Wrenches/Kits


Cutters, Strippers, Sponge, Reel Stand, Desoldering Wick, Precision Knife Master Toolkit

Wide range of Electronic Tools and Accessories as Cutting Pliers, Solder Wire Stand, Desoldering Wicks, Knife, Glue Gun, Sponges & Flux Bottles

This Toolkit has Very Durable, Rugged & Lockable type Tool Case, high quality wide range of day-to-day use Taiwan Tools required in the field


Coaxial Toolkit Fiber Optic Toolkit Electrical Vacuum Pick-up Pen Hot Air Gun

This heavy duty Toolkit has reliable Crimping, Cutting and other Tools

Fiber Optic Toolkit FIBRETK-3915 is designed for field termination use

Electrically operated Powerful SMD Vacuum Pick-up Pen for LED Chip

Hi-reliability Digitally Temperature Controlled Hot Air Gun I885-ESD


I191AD Temperature Calibrator Smart Tweezers LAN Tester

Model I191AD Digital Temperature Calibrator for Soldering Stations

Smart Tweezers Model ST-5S & Model Colibri from original Manufacturer’s Distributor with after-sales service and normally with immediate delivery

TCT-2690KT LAN Cable Tester and ID Finder Kit for Cat7/6/5e Cables


Spinner GmbH, Germany

Spinner GmbH Germany is world leader in Very High Power (upto MW) High Frequency (upto 150 GHz) Waveguide and Coaxial Components for Radars (Media Cooling/FORJ/Non-Contacting GHz Ethernet mixed Antenna Rotary Joints for Phase Array), RF Fusion Energy (Hi-Power Accelerators from 350 MHz to S-Band), Very High Precision RF Measurement (4-in-1 & 3-in-1 types Calibration Kits upto 65 GHz) & High Power Loads/Attenuators upto 3 GHz


Shown Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Our relationship with them is we buy their products for reselling in India.

Screw Fastening Robot Hot Melt Glue Gun and Precision Knife Cleaning Sponge Solder Wire Reel Flux Bottle with Brush

Epcos Ferrite Cores 12.7, 10 & 6.3mm OD in T38, N30 & T35 grades Philips Toroid Cores of 8.2mm & 4mm OD in 10000 & 15000 perms Tomita Toroid Cores 12.7mm OD 10000 perm Steward Toroid Cores 12.5 & 10 mm OD types in 42 & 35 Material Epcos RM6 Ferrite Cores in N48 & N67

Grades Ruff Germany Toroidal Winding Machines of C-60 & C-100 dia Shuttles

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