Smart Tweezers Iskra – LED Tester

Smart Tweezers Iskra - LED Tester

Smart Tweezers® Iskra™ ST5-L

Smart Tweezers®
Iskra™ ST5-L

Smart Tweezers Iskra™ is a specialized expert solution for testing and verification of SMD LEDs. Its unique mechanical and electronic design combines a pair of high quality gold plated tweezers and a digital LED tester in compact, lightweight, battery powered instrument.

Testing Surface Mount and Through-hole LEDs

Surface mount devices are usually more difficult to test and identify SMD than conventional components due to their size. Smart Tweezers Iskra™ gives users an easy way to test and verify various types of SMD LEDs even already placed on boards. The probe can also be used to test thru-hole LEDs.

Automated Measurements

Smart Tweezers Iskra™ performs automatic LED polarity detection using a unique safe adaptive test algorithm. After LED polarity detection, Smart Tweezers Iskra™ lights the LED at the preset test current value and the on-off duty cycle. During this cycle, the device displays test current value, polarity indicator, forward drop voltage across LED and the duty cycle (Click here to see the display).

Technical Specifications

Test Current : 1mA, 2mA, 5mA, 10mA, 20mA, 30 mA
Test Signal : 5 Volt (max)
Duty Cycle : 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%
Dimensions : 150mm x 18mm x 15mm
Weight : 30 gram (approx.)
Battery : LiPo, 180mAh, 20hr continuous

Steps to test LEDs using Iskra™



  • To switch on the unit just press the control button at the back of the tool.
  • Note: By default Iskra powers itself off automatically if not operational for 60 seconds.
  • Test current and test pulse duration for the Iskra can be set to default settings by pressing the control button and holding it for about 2 seconds.
  • To change the test current move the control button at the back of the unit UP and/or DOWN. Please see the Control Diagram on the right side.
  • To change the test pulse duration move the control button at the back of the unit LEFT and/or RIGHT. Please see the Control Diagram on the right side.
  • Just touch the gold plated test probes of the Iskra to LED contacts.
  • Polarity symbol and forward voltage drop value will appear on the display and the tested
    LED lights up at the preset current.


Rechargeable Built-in Li-Ion Polymer Battery

Just like other products of Advance Devices, Smart Tweezers Iskra™ also comes equipped with a built-in high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery. A miniature USB Charging cord and power supply (220V-230V AC for Indian Standards) are included. Smart Tweezers Iskra™ can be charged from any standard USB port (that you can find on computers and laptop) or USB wall mount chargers.

Smart Tweezers Iskra

Smart Tweezers Iskra