Laser Dust – Chemical Fume – Solder Fume Extraction System


Fume-Extraction-System-Model-FumePRO101-LDCFFor chemical fumes, solder fumes and laser dust extraction our powerful FumePRO101-LDCF is a total cost effective solution. If you are looking for low priced portable fume extractor for Solder and Chemical Fumes then please read on.

These is absolutely no plumbing required as Benchtop Bracket directly attached to the side of the table. It is equipped with High Temperature Long Life Connection Hose for prolonged life span.

FumePRO101-LDCF is very effective Fumes Extraction System laser dust, chemical adhesives type fumes and solder fumes. Housed in a metallic cabinet, it is a rugged system for continuous working in production environment. We have supplied it to various large industries in India in multiple quantities. Some of our clients using this system are Sameer (Chennai), Semikron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.(Navi Mumbai), Sigma Microsystems Pvt. Ltd., Synergy Enterprises (Chandigarh), Space Application Centre (Ahemdabad), SVS Industries, Texas Instrumets (I) Pvt. Ltd.(Bangalore), Terminal Ballstics Research Lab. (Chandigarh), Titan Industries Ltd.(Hosur), Payal Mechanical & Engineering Works (Chandigarh), Rajshree Electro Systems (Thane), Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (Mysore), Research Centre (IMARAT Hyderabad), Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. (Coimbtor).

Maintenance-free Brushless Turbine combined with electronic speed control, ensures low maintenance cost. It is an ideal model for large production houses who are looking for a robust fume extraction solution.

Ready-to-use Laser Dust, Solder Fume & Chemical Fumes Extraction System Model FumePRO101-LDCF is fitted with 5-stage Filters. Following are the details of 5-Stage Special Filters used in this Laser Dust, Solder Fume & Chemical Fume Extraction System.

5 Stages Filters


  • Metal Mesh is a lid that absorbs heat of the fumes to avoid damage to the core Filters.
  • Fine Dust Filter is a Stage 1 filter. It absorbs fine laser dust to prolong the life of other filters.
  • Pre-Filter is a Stage 2 filter. The Pre-Filter filters the bigger size particles for prolonging the life of both Middle and Main Filters.
  • RD Middle Filter is a Stage 3 filter. It is a Chemical/Adhesive Filter. It filters chemical particles and adhesive particles of fumes.
  • Middle Filter is a Stage 4 filter that filters coarse size fume particles to prolong life of expensive HEPA Filter.
  • HEPA is a Stage 5 filter that contains a Filter that is of activated charcoal type which absorbs all harmful gas substances to provide clean air finally.


Specifications of FumePRO101-LDCF


  • Stationary Pressure : Pa 2400
  • Airflow Rate : 120 m3/h
  • System Flow : 100 m3/h
  • Filtering Efficiency : Upto 99.7%
  • Noise Level : <60dB
  • Input Power Supply : 230V/50Hz, 120W
  • Main Unit Size (approx.) : 400 x 230 x 350 mm


Guaranteed availability of Spare Parts for Fume Extraction Systems

At INDE Enterprises we provide Quick Delivery of all spare parts as we keep enough stocks of the same all the time.