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Warmbier Electrostatic Field Meter Meter Model EFM51

Warmbier Germany, Electrostatic Field Meter
P/N: 7100.EFM51

  • Handheld, portable, digital electrostatic field meter with rotating chopper
  • Detects portable,digital electrostatic field meter with rotating chopper and accurately measures electrostatic fields
  • Measures: fields, potentials and discharge time
  • Automatic field to voltage conversion according to selected distance
  • Very stable zero adjust


Technical Data:
Power Supply… : 9V battery IEC6F22or rechargeable battery
Range… : 0 – 160 kV / 0 – 800 kV/m
Display… : 2 row LCD-display
Dimension… : 70 x 122 x 26 mm (W x L x H)
Weight… : 130 g (without battery)

Warmbier Metriso® B530 Basic with Thermometer

Warmbier Germany Metriso® B530 Basic + Thermo-Hygrometer
P/No.: 7100.B530.MK + 7100.TF530

  • Suitable for resistance to ground and point-to-point resistance measurements according to IEC 61340-4-1 Ed. 2.0 and IEC 61340-2-3.
  • Suitable for measuring the electrical resistance of footwear and flooring in combination with a person according to IEC 61340-4-5.
  • Low ohmic measurement range 1Ω - 10kΩ to measure the resistance of grounded objects.
  • Digital and analog display with bar graph or pointer.
  • Optical Indicator LED red and green for voltage measuring range.
  • Optical Indicator LED red for Test/Measuring.
  • Includes two Probes Model 870 according to IEC 61340-4-1 Ed. 2.0 / IEC 61340-2-3 extension and a handheld probe according to IEC 61340-4-5.
  • Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, ideal for fast and precise measurement of temperature and humidity.


Technical Data:
Test voltage… : DC 10V, 100V, 500V
Resistance… : 1 Ohm to 199 G Ohm
Operation… : Battery operated
Probe… : 2 x Model 870
1 x Handheld probe Model 45
1 x Extension for Probe 870
Size… : 225 x 130 x 140 mm (W x H x D)
Weight… : 9 Kg

Warmbier ESD Wrist Strap Tester, Footwear Combo Tester PGT120, P/N. 7100.PGT120

Wrist Strap & Footwear Combo Tester Warmbier
Model: PGT120, P/N.: 7100.PGT120

  • Simultaneous testing of wrist strap, right and left shoe
  • Separate measurement of right and left foot
  • LEDs display different test results
  • Test result is indicated with audible and visual LED indications
  • Can be used on bench tops or as a wall mounted unit (Wall mounting requires an additional wall mounting plate)
  • Battery powered with low-battery indication
  • Optional AC Adaptor is available.
  • Lower limit disabling is possible.


Technical Data:
Floor Plates… : Aluminium
Unit dimensions… : 150 x 200 x 65mm
Foot Plate size… : 350 x 500 x 8 mm
Battery… : 9 volt
LEDs… : (6) Low, High and Pass
Alarm… : Internal buzzer
External Power… : AC/DC (optional)

Surface Resistance Meter Warmbier Model SRM 110

Surface Resistance Meter
Model: SRM 110

  • Pocket size, lightweight, auto ranging surface resistance meter for verification of conductive and dissipative materials
  • Internal parallel metal electrode
  • External probes can be connected


Technical Data:
LED : 10 lights
Low Battery : LED flashing
Battery : 9 volts
Range : 103 - 1012Ω
Accuracy Range : +/- 10%
Size : 130 x 65 x 31mm

Digital Surface Resistance Meter

Digital Surface Resistance Test Kit
Warmbier Model SRM200, Part No. 7100.SRM200.K+2×850

  • Pocket size, lightweight, auto ranging surface resistance meter
  • LCD Display and data memory
  • USB interface to PC
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Built electrodes with conductive rubber-in
  • External probes can be connected
  • Rechargeable battery operated


Technical Data:
Resistance range : 1 x 103 - 1 x 1012
Accuracy range : 103 - 109 = 10%
1010 - 1012 = 25%
Test Voltage : 10/100V
Electrodes : Two (2) 5lb weights
Weight : 290 g
Size : 145 x 80 x 35 mm

Warmbier Wrist Strap Monitor Part No. 7100.181.K

Continuous wrist strap monitor
P/N: 7100.181.K

Technical Data:
Test method… : Impedance capacitive measurement
Test range… : 1 MOhm …(100 pF + 2 MOhm) OKHI-Fail > 5 MohmLO-Fail < 400 kohm
Signal : Audible and visible (7100.181 / 7100.181.B)

Charged Plate Monitor Warmbier CPM74, Part No. 7100.CPM74

Charged Plate Monitor
Model: CPM74, P/N: 7100.CPM74

  • Measures the air ionizer efficiency and the offset voltage
  • Measures the electrostatic decay time from ± 1000 V to ± 100 V (standard setting)
  • Measures the (150 x 150 mm) plate potential with a built-in electrostatic field meter
  • Records the measured values in memory
  • Plate can be removed in order to apply the high voltage head to the field meter
  • High voltage head allows direct voltage measurement of up to 2 kV

Walking Test Kit Warmbier WT5000, Part No. 7100.WT5000.B

Walking Test Kit
Model: WT5000, P/N 7100.WT5000.B

Test range : ± 5.000 volts or ± 500 volts
Accuracy : 5% of measured value
Input resistance : > 1014Ω
Input capacitance : < 5 pF
Display : Logarithmic LED-display ± 500 volts, changeable to ± 5.000 volts, Peak hold
Output : Analog ± 5 volts for each test range
Operation : Rechargeable batteries (battery charger included)

Personnel Grounding Tester Warmbier PGT® 120, Part No. 7100.PGT120.CU

Personnel Grounding Tester
Model: PGT® 120, P/N: 7100.PGT120.CU

The Personnell Grounding Tester PGT®120 is a wrist strap and footwear tester for access control of ESD protected areas (EPA’s).

  • The test result is indicated with audible and visual signals. A relay with a dry contact provides the connection to a door opening system
  • Power supply: Internal battery or external power supply unit
  • Wrist strap, right and left shoe testing is simultaneously possible by separate measuring circuits
  • In combination with a barrier gate, the footwear measurement can be performed in series without pressing a button (hands-free mode)
  • Separate measurement of left and right shoe
  • Lower limit disabling is possible
  • The unit can be used on bench tops or as a wall mounted unit (Wall mounting requires an additional wall mounting plate)
  • Adjustable limits through dip switches

Starterkit Warmbier Model SRM®200/EFM®51, Part No. 7100.SRM200.SK51

Model: SRM®200/EFM®51, P/N: 7100.SRM200.SK51

Starterkit for testing conductive an dissipative surfaces and electrostatic fields/surface potential

Test range : 103 - 1012Ω
Test voltage : Open circuit voltage 100 V(switches automatically above > 1 MΩ)
Operation : Battery operated
Display : LCD-Display
Probes : - Built-in electrodes with conductive rubber & USB connection to PC
- 2 external probes connection possible

ESD AUDIT KIT Warmbier 7110.585.SET

Model 7110.585.SET

The ESD-Audit-Kit includes the relevant test instruments for the verification of the ESD control elements according to IEC 61340-5-1 in an ESD protected area (EPA).

  • Evaluate packaging materials
  • Evaluate garments
  • Measure flooring, working surface and furniture resistance
  • Measure electrostatic fields
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity
  • Analyze Ionizers performance