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Over 3000 Smart Tweezers supplied to Educational Institutions in India

For many years INDE Enterprises has been supplying various test and engineering tools to the educational institutions here in India. Most of the educational institutions from the government sector and private sectors have shown keen interest in procuring Smart Tweezers for their Laboratories and Service Centers. We have supplied over 3000 Smart Tweezers at special prices to the IITs and NITs in India.

Comparison of all models of Smart TweezersThe current trend shows that most of the institutions are opting for Smart Tweezers ST-5S. It is now the most efficient and convenient product to Test SMD Chip Components and complex SMT circuits with best price offer in India.

To avail special discounts on Smart Tweezers just send us your inquiries and we will come up with the best cost estimate that you will ever get in India. That is our guarantee.

All the Smart Tweezers, LCR-Reader are accompanied by NIST traceable calibration certificates to 100% accuracy. This ensures that the repairs carried out by you are flawless.

INDE Enterprises offers various other testing, debugging tools and accessories on this website. Our product range is among the most comprehensive and directed to engineering and medical field. The main devices/products include:

  • Bluetooth enabled Smart Tweezers
  • LED tester
  • Multimeter tweezer probes
  • Multimeters
  • LCR-Reader Kelvin Probe Connector : It is a shielded two-wire extension kit that allows conventional Smart Tweezers and LCR-Readers to be turned into a full probe station and measure components that do not fit between the tweezers. This connector set is especially useful when you intent to see the results on the oscilloscopes. To know more about the kit that comes along with it, please do send us your inquiries to and we will give you the best costing for it in India.
  • Digital Soldering Stations
  • Soldering Robots
  • Digital Soldering Station Calibrators

Advance Devices, Inc. Canada is the ORIGINAL & ONLY manufacturer of Smart Tweezers. INDE Enterprises is their stocking distributor as well the only after-sales-service partner in India. We keep all spares in stock to lower the down time of the Smart Tweezers. There are several websites that offer Smart Tweezers LED Tester for a price of Rs.12,900, where as  some websites has priced Smart Tweezers ST-5S at Rs.46,000.00, but to avail the best price in India for any version of Smart Tweezers, then think about INDE Enterprises only. Call 7009246304 & 9316134502 or Phones: 0172-4614415 now.

Apart from several institutions where we supplied Smart Tweezers following are some of our prestigious customers.

  • 509 Army Base Workshop, Agra
  • Aamstech Solution, Coimbatore
  • ACD Communications Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad
  • Aforeserve Comm Ltd.,Bangalore
  • Alligator Designs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
  • Ananth Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Apex Electronics, Secunderabad
  • Apex Electronics, Secunderabad
  • Axiom Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
  • Bharat Electronics Ltd.-Jalahalli, Bangalore
  • Bharat Electronics Ltd.-Kotdwara
  • Blue Chip Electronics, Secunderabad
  • Bluechip Infotech, West Bengal
  • Centum Electronics Ltd. Bangalore
  • Computronic Sales Corporation Allahabad
  • Centre for Development of Telematics, New Delhi
  • Cinehive Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
  • Continental Automotive Brake Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
  • D-Link ( India) Ltd., Karnataka
  • Encardio-Rite Electronics(P) Ltd. Lucknow
  • J.Tech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Gallium Arsenide Eanabling Technology Centre, Hyderabad
  • GVK Metal Form (P) Ltd., Jalandhar
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Korwa
  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali
  • Indian Institute of Technology. Hyderabad
  • Instruments Research & Development Estt., Dehradun
  • ISRO Inertial System Unit, Trivandrum
  • Maestros Electronics & Telecommunication System Ltd., Mumbai
  • Meenakshi Metal Forms, Pune
  • Merritronix Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Olympus Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
  • PCP Electronics (P) Ltd., Mysore
  • Raja Ramana Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), Indore
  • Rajshree Electro-Systems, Thane
  • BARC thru Rajshree Electro-Systems, Thane
  • Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh
  • Saalfo Tech Pvt. Ltd., Mysore
  • Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd., Gandhinagar
  • Secure Meters Ltd., Udaipur
  • Shiv Nanadar University, UP
  • Sivavasu Industries, Trivandrum
  • SLN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi
  • Spectrum Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Sumitron Exports Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
  • TAK Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Noida
  • The Controller of Stores and Purchase, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Toshiba Transmission & Distribution, Medak Distt. (TG)
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum
  • Young India Power Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

Smart Tweezers in India carry 12 months warranty from the date of invoice. It excludes any mechanically damaged part. Website: Email: Cell Phones: 7009246304 & 9316134502 Phones: 0172-4614415


Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS Drivers for Smart Tweezers ST5S (Bluetooth Enabled)

Smart Tweezers Bluetooth Companion for Windows is a customized utility developed by Advance Devices (Canada) that allows you to connect ST5S-BT (Bluetooth Enabled) Smart Tweezers to Microsoft Winows 7/8/10. The connection between Smart Tweezers and the receiving device (like Laptop, Smart-Phone or Tab) is done via Bluetooth – no separate cable required.

This driver application (Bluetooth Companion) extracts the measurement reading from the Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT and record it to an Excel-Compatible CSV file. These measurements are in the form of streaming data on real time basis. The data stored in CSV file can then be batch processed. This not only saves time during trouble shooting complex SMT circuits but also help perform comparison studies.

You can store and analyze the performance of a faulty SMT circuit with the recorded results from a similar NEW circuit. This helps in identifying faults in a fraction of a conventional repair time.

This driver application for Windows comes with the new Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT. The results can be streamed to Windows operated Laptops, Smart-Phones and Tabs. ST5S-BT can easily be integrated into a user environment by an available USB Bluetooth receiver. The receiver is based on an FTDI bridge, creates a virtual RS232 serial port and allows for an effortless integration in the user environment.

To make ST5S-BT more versatile in communicating its results with various devices the manufacturers of this remarkable device has developed drivers for Android platform and for the iOS which you can download from the Google Playstore and Apple Store.

These operating system drivers are free to download and can easily be installed to mobiles, tabs and computer systems.

Following are the different types of Smart Tweezers available at INDE Enterprises at the best price possible in India.

Comparison Chart

For more information please do not hesitate to contact INDE Enterprises (the one and only Smart Tweezers official Distributor in India).

Comparison of all models of Smart Tweezers

Evolution Story of Smart Tweezers

Smart Tweezers Evolution Story 2003 – 2016

A journey of  bulky old multi-meters to state-of-the-art Smart Tweezers™ ST-5S (Bluetooth Enabled) 

From a traditional bulky old Digital Multi-meters with two test wires hanging from it to a very Smart, Handy and Light weight Smart Tweezers, the story of evolution of a modern Smart Tweezers™ ST5S-BT is nothing less than elegant work of craftsmanship together with the finest class of engineering.

It was in the year 2000 when the the need for some handy test tool was felt. A reliable test tool which could be carried very easily in a pocket (just like a pen). It was then the first prototype of Smart Tweezers was developed. It looked amazingly advanced and very convenient from the very first look and feel. However, it took nearly three more years (2003) for the first marketable Smart Tweezers to develop into something very similar to what it looks like today.

Year 2004 : ST-1R™ (ST-1)

Finally Smart Tweezer™ ST-1R (ST-1) was commercially released. It was a successful test tool and sold like hot cakes. However with it came lots of suggestions to improve it.

Year 2007: ST-2R™ (ST-2)

ST-2R model came with significant improvements in both the accuracy and in the design mechanics. The model was ST-2R (ST-2) and had the option of it’s tips being replaced. There were some LCD issues with earlier model, so ST2R came with a better LCD display. The display was also far more clearer and sharp.

Year 2009: ST-AE

Rechargeable Smart Tweezers ST-AE was introduced in order to address a problem of housing damage due to multiple replacement of batteries. Smart Tweezers ST-AE was a bit more expensive but this sleek design and accurate testing tool was widely accepted on assembly lines.

Year 2011: ST5R™

This model of Smart Tweezers ST5R has much longer Swiss made patented tips. Just like it’s predecessor, it has a far better accuracy and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

Year 2014:  ST5S

 Smart Tweezers™ ST-5S is much more easier to handle, has a much brighter and bigger OLED display, comes with ESR measurement feature and has a much wider range for testing LCRZ SMD components. It is more accurate, reliable and lightning fast in testing and debugging miniature circuits than any of it’s predecessor. It is a must have tool in every service center, test labs and/or manufacturing units. Once fully charged, it can last upto 80 hours.

Year 2015: Colibri™

With the growing demand from service and repair industry prompted Advance Devices, Canada to come up with a low cost variant of Smart Tweezers Colibri. It has basically all the functionality of ST-5S with little compromise on accuracy. It is an ideal tool for hobbyist.

Year 2016: ST5S-BT™

It is an advanced version of Smart TweezersST-5S. It is enabled with Bluetooth connectivity for real time data transfer to mobiles and computers for batch processing of results – for analysis and debugging.

Year 2016: Iskra™

Smart Tweezers™ Iskra™ is a handy dedicated tool specifically developed to test and identify the status of SMD and Throughhole LEDs.

Is the cost of Smart Tweezers justified?

Emphatically YES! There is too much of research gone into developing the current version of Smart Tweezers ST-5S which is much refined and very accurate. It has come a long way from being an expensive tester to a very interactive, attractive, affordable and handy LCRZ meter. It is now a very reliable companion to every electronic professional and service men than merely a test tool.

Smart Tweezers ST5S

Smart Tweezers ST5S

Since Smart Tweezers do not have any dangling wires like traditional bench-top LCR meters so it leaves your working table all available for professional electronic work and will not mess up all the hundreds of SMD components that may be lying on your work bench. In other words Smart Tweezers help keep your work bench all tidy up.The highly refined Swiss made ( by IDEAL-TEK S.A) gold plated tweezers are very sturdy that lasts for ages without showing any signs of wear and tear. With choice of precision and angular tips you can be assured that the Smart Tweezers will be able to test any SMT circuits and the smallest possible SMD components to an accuracy for 0.2%. These tips are designed in such a way that they can virtually test any SMD component soldered on the PCB without having to fiddle with the component or PCB.

With circuitry of Smart Tweezers kept to a bare minimum with just one microprocessor and supporting ICs, this amazing tool can test, verify and debug all types of SMD components.

The arms of the tweezer are very sturdy made of high quality plastic that could last for decades.

Today pin point accuracy of test results plays an important role when repairing/testing Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) boards and SMD components. It could prove vital to locate a fault in miniaturized circuit boards of mobile phones, aerospace computers, tactical circuit boards, computer boards etc.. When testing and debugging with traditional LCR meters we occasionally find the test probes slipping from the SMD components and falling on the SMT boards. Sometime to the horror of service professionals these test probes accidentally lead to the burning of sensitive components (because they short-circuits the two solder points on the board). On the other hand Smart Tweezers is ergonomically designed that fits into your palm so effortlessly that they can just pin-pointedly touch, test and verify any SMD component and SMT boards without damaging it in any way. With just a single touch it will give you the exact results without any trial and error method that you will do with other LCR meters.

Today there are very cheap Chinese versions of similar product in the market, but to dismay they give very poor/ un-acceptable test and debugging results. You just cannot rely on such results to test and debug expensive SMT circuit boards. Would you? For budget conscious customers, there is an option of buying Smart Tweezers Colibri (LCR Reader) for less than Rs.13,000/-. It is a cheaper version of LCR meter that is not as accurate as Smart Tweezers ST-5S but certainly it would beat any Chinese version of LCR hand tool hands-down. LCR Reader do not come with Calibration Certificate. Similarly the older version of Smart Tweezers also do not come with Calibration Certificates. Since LCR reader uses 0.5 Vrms test signal so testing of ceramic capacitors is very limited.

Smart Tweezers ST-5S is calibrated to give you a guaranteed accuracy and traceable certificate of calibration is issued by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or NRC (National Research Council of Canada). The precision/accuracy and speed of Smart Tweezers ST-5S can even surpass that of much more expensive laboratory based bench LCRZ instruments. There is absolutely no warm-up or startup time like the bench-top machines.

As mentioned earlier, the new version has come a long way to justify its worth. You can see it in its very sharp, clear and bright OLED display. It is very sharp and crystal clear in virtually all types of lighting conditions.

It is very smart and handy with just one touch on the component it will test it, verify the type of component and also keep a backlog of your test results. The Li-ION battery lasts for several continuous hours of testing before requiring any re-charge.

If you were to take our un-biased opinion, then it is most definitely worth the price at less than Rs.20,000/-. If you were to avail the special discount offer then please fill in the following form and send it across to us and we will get back to you with the best price deal.  ST-5S is a must have tool for every electronic professional who keep accuracy of testing and debugging SMD and SMT circuit boards as top priority at work.

If you wish to be our re-seller then please be in touch with us at

Replacing Smart Tweezers Battery

Replacing Battery of Smart Tweezers

Replacing Battery of Smart Tweezers

Step 1:
Remove the four screws at the back of Smart Tweezers using a size 00 screw driver offered by INDE.

Step 2:
Disconnect the physical tweezers from the PCB by pulling out the ribbon cable connector tab.

Once you remove the ribbon cable will give access to the centre screw that holds the PCB to the casing. Using a screwdriver (available at INDE), remove this center screw. The nut on the back side of the Smart Tweezers will fall loose; set aside.

Step 3:
Remove the PCB from the casing. On the bottomside of the PCB, the battery connector can be disconnected with a gentle pull. Please see the graphic here.

Now replace the old battery with the new one by gently pressing the connector back into the socket.

Step 4:
Put the PCB back into the slot and use the center screw to tight it on the casing. You may need to put a double-sided tape on one side of the battery to keep it from rattling inside the Smart Tweezers.

Step 5:
Just press the battery into the bottom casing.
Reconnect the tab from the arms into the ribbon cable connector.

Repairing latest Nintendo Switch or Google Pixel using Smart Tweezers

Everybody in the field of electronics love little SMD components. They are very small in size, looks cute, are less costly, saves spaces on the PCB and do not require holes to be drilled on the PCB (unlike through hole components). Today all the new gadgets like Nintendo Switch (launched in India on the 3rd of March 2017), Google Pixel Every Silver (launched in India 2017), Fitbit watches, 3D LED TVs has very complex circuitry and requires LCR meter like Smart Tweezers which is handy and can test/verify SMD circuits with just a touch.

Imagine repairing a Nintendo Switch without Smart Tweezers! It will be hell. It is a real headache to debug an SMD circuit (like of Nintendo Switch) with typical multimeter probes. Most of the time you will be busy in balancing the multimeter probes on the complex circuit boards. Now imagine you have to do these stunts repeatedly several times. The Smart Tweezers test SMD components on the PCB of Nintendo Switch with a quick single-handed squeeze by just touching its gold plated probes on the SMD component.

Nintendo-Switch-dock PCBA-Smart-Tweezers-ST-5S

Nintendo-Switch-dock PCBA-Smart-Tweezers-ST-5S

Smart Tweezers by Advance Devices (Canada) are the coolest and the most advanced multimeter tool specifically designed to test and troubleshoot complex multi-side SMD circuits (like the circuitry of Nintendo Switch). It will automatically test and identify resistors, capacitors, and inductors, and displays the relevant measurements. It will further transmit all the test results to a mobile device like (Google Pixel Every Silver) on a real time basis.

Making a SMD project using a very refined version of Smart Tweezers like ST-5S or ST5S-BT gives you a feel of fresh breath. Now no more dangling wires of bulky multimeters. The Smart Tweezers’ graphic menu is navigated with a simple joystick at the back. You can turn it on with a gentle press on the joystick at the back and automatically turns itself off after a pre-defined timeout.

Whether you are a professional working in a manufacturing company (like Toshiba or GE) or a student studying at IIT (Delhi or Kharagpur) who does a lot of manual work on complex SMD projects/cicuits, a pair of Smart Tweezers (like ST5S-BT) can save you invaluable time by eliminating the need for bulky old multimeters with dangling wires. It is fairly priced at less than Rs.20,000/- in India by INDE Enterprises but it is a worth having tool in your laboratories, service centers and manufacturing companies alike.

Measuring Capacitance:

Measuring a capacitance of a capacitor is a unique feature that is not commonly found in off-the-shelf multimeters. Only some high-end multimeters from Sanwa have such a feature. Having this feature in such a handy device is a remarkable feat by Advance Devices (Canada). ST-5S and ST5S-BT can measure the capacitance between 0.5 pF to 4999 µF. Once you touch the probes of the Smart Tweezers on a SMD capacitor on the PCB, it instantly shows its value also the measurement taken from a circuit board shows the total capacitance of all connected components and of the PCB itself.

Measuring Resistance:

Resistance measurement is typical in every available multimeter and comes with several test ranges that can be toggled using a rotatory switch in the middle. The Smart Tweezers ST-5S on the other hand can test and measure resistor values between 0.05Ω to 9.9 MΩ with an accuracy upto .2%. A traceable certificate of calibration issued by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is an added assurity. However, if you are a practical person then you can rely on its measurements that are bang accurate.

Measuring Inductance:

Even high-end models of Sanwa multimeters do not have the feature of testing inductance. We have seen professionals struggling to measure the values and when you see the complex circuitry of Nintendo Switch then you will only feel helpless. There is only one tool that will bring back the smile on your face if you are into service/repair industry and that tool is Smart Tweezers ST-5S. With just a touch of its gold plated patented tips on the SMD-Inductance it can measure and test an inductance of 0.5 uH to 999 mH.

Testing and measuring Diodes and Continuity:

Smart Tweezers can automatically test diodes and continuity by displaying its polarity on its OLED display. It beeps for the continuity between the points of parts. It can easily detect the broken, open or damaged SMD components.

Smart Tweezers works equally well on through-hole components with highest degree of accuracy results.


Display Replacement of Smart Tweezers

Display Replacement of Smart Tweezers

Do it yourself Guide for Replacing OLED Display of the Smart Tweezers

Step 1:
Remove the four screws at the back of Smart Tweezers using a size 00 screw driver offered by INDE.

Step 2:
To replace the display, gently open the zif connector and slide the tab out (as pointed in the illustration.

Step 3:
Just like a flap turn the face of the display down when the Smart Tweezers it open. Gently fold it over without damaging the ribbon before replacing the top casing.

Step 4:
Just slip in the new ribbon of the new OLED display and put it back in the casing and put the screws back on.

Testing Complex SMD Boards using Smart Tweezers®

Smart Tweezers® are ideal handheld test and debugging tools for high-density printed circuit board designs where conventional leads of multimeters won’t reach easily. Smart Tweezers would greatly reduce the debugging time particularly if you have to check and verify numerous components on a complex SMD board that are either not marked or hard to read/reach.

Even though there is a 3-Tier PCB library concept that was originally created by IEC (International Electromechanical Commission) in 1999 and introduced to IPC in 2000, the SMT circuits still tend to be very complicated for a normal technician to repair. Most of the times SMT circuits combine through-hole components with the SMD components to do the required jobs. Here the Smart Tweezers can be very handy to not only find the fault but also to exactly locate the cause of fault.

Some of the most complicated SMT circuits that can be repaired by the Smart Tweezers are as following.

  • Atronic Alphastreet Roulette R86 Machine Control SMD Board
  • Interphase corp SMD 2180
  • SMD-Adapter boards for Breadboards & Perfboard
  • All types of Original board (SMD), Counterfeit board (SMD)
  • Through hole and SMD Boards
  • Dinosaur Replacement Norcold Boards
  • GBC Emulator Circuit Board
  • Logic board with A10 chip set
  • Pluto A400 AMD boards
  • IDF-2016 Intel Edison Development Platform
  • Satlink ws6932 HD Mainboard Circuit board
  • Satellite Set Top Box
  • GPS162: GPS Satellite Receiver OEM Board
  • Mobile Microprocessor Boards with Flash Memory
  • Mobile robot Boards
  • AMD Boards
  • Intel Core Boards
  • SMD Rework Station Boards
  • Intelligent Mobile Boards
  • Artificial intelligence boards
  • Venus 822 development board
  • Samsung 3710-003262 Socket-Board

These boards are very complex and we at INDE Enterprises used Smart Tweezers ST5S Bluetooth Enabled to test and repair the above circuit boards at our laboratory in Chandigarh. Our professionals took just a fraction of the usual time to find faults and repair them using ST5S-BT. To know more about how to debug the complex circuit boards with Smart Tweezers just call us to fix an appointment with our professional engineers.

A tribute to ST-AE the first Smart Tweezers in India

ST-AE was the first to enter India in 2005 as a family of Smart Tweezers. It was introduced in India by INDE Enterprises.  It was a revolutionary product and the professional engineers were amazed to see its ergonomic design. The Canadian manufacturers had cleverly integrated a powerful tester in a tweezer-type shell.

Performing Tests on Computer Mother Board using Smart-Tweezers-ST-AE

Performing Tests using Smart-Tweezers-ST-AE


INDE Enterprises sold many units of this remarkable LCR meter ST-AE to various government and private sector organizations in India, and this new tool started to find its foot in the Indian market. It was a niche product and was a boon to SMD repairing and its importance is still growing with the introduction of latest and much refined models. Some of the prominent clients that we made during the initial years of the introduction of this ST-AE were Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Paramilatary Forces like Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) etc.



It was the toughest competitor to traditional digital multimeters specifically in the area of repairing and identifying SMD circuits. With just a touch of its tips on a SMD component it was able to determine its status and display the results on a LCD display which was located at the back. Multimeters immediately felt the heat of competition. The only thing that was in favour of multimeter was its price. It becomes tedious and sometime almost impractical to perform repair work on a complex SMD circuits with a traditional multimeter resulting in time waste. Return On Investment (ROI) is almost immediate if you are into manufacturing or service industry as ST-AE started to save huge amount of time. It increased the efficiency and cost effectiveness in manufacturing industry by reducing the time in finding faults in SMT circuits.

ST-AE was the first Smart Tweezers that came with a calibration certificate guarantying for accuracy. It was able to give an accuracy of 1% for the resistance, 3% for the capacitance and 3% for the inductance. It came with 3 x 1.5V LR44 Alkaline Battery.



After a year or so (as per its usage) ST-AE required re-calibration and it was one of the first thing that its manufacturers had thought. They provided INDE Enterprises with all the tools like hardware, software and knowledge to perform re-calibration here in India locally. All calibrations are still being done in India only by INDE as per the standards set by the manufacturers (Advance Devices, Canada).

INDE Enterprises is still the first authorized distributor, seller, promoter and service provider of Smart Tweezers in India since 2005. Today with the introduction of various advanced models of Smart Tweezers like ST-5S, ST-5S (Bluetooth Enabled), Iskra, Colibri finding faults on SMT circuits has become even more easier. Even though ST-AE is discontinued it will always be remembered as the trendsetter in world of fault finding where SMD circuits are becoming even more complex and miniaturized on a daily basis.

Calibration verses verification process for Smart Tweezers

 Smart Tweezers models ST-5S, ST-5R ST-AE all are calibrated by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or NRC (National Research Council of Canada) to give you the best possible accuracy for testing and debugging Surface Mounted Technology (SMT). Once calibrated by such reliable and highly esteemed institutions; Smart Tweezers would not require periodical calibration, as these test tools continue to work perfectly for years.

Calibration process of Smart Tweezers

Calibration process of Smart Tweezers

It may not be out of place to mention here that with continuous use of Smart Tweezers for many years may wear out the Gold-plated tips which may lead to increase of parasitic resistance from 20mOhms to 500mOhms. This increase in resistance may lead to some variations between the measurement taken by Smart Tweezers and the actual values. This variation in results has nothing to do with the calibration. You just need to replace the worn-out tips with the new ones.

Calibration is required under one exception only, when you need to get the internal PCB of Smart Tweezers repaired for some reasons. This procedure is done by opening up the casing of Smart Tweezers and by adjusting the measurement results to values of components known with a high accuracy. This procedure is called ‘Verification” and NOT calibration.

True calibration is done using Semi-Automatic equipment that updates the calibration parameters stored in the in the internal ROM (Read Only Memory) of Smart Tweezers. Using high accuracy components the calibration coefficients are eventually adjusted to best values of standard components. Every progress of calibration process is displayed on the computer screen in a real-time. The computer informs you immediately if there is no more calibration required.

Call +91-93161-34502 to know more about calibration procedure followed at the local laboratories of INDE Enterprises in India.