Shoe Cover Dispenser

Shoe Cover Dispenser Model INDE SCD-HC

Hi-Quality Intelligent Shoe Cover Dispenser


It is a high quality, fully automatic, intelligent, affordable and compact shoe cover dispenser ideal for the ESD clean rooms in India. This automatic shoe cover dispensing machine solves the problem of wearing shoe covers when entering into the ESD clean rooms, research labs, hospital, ICU rooms, mission critical rooms, sample flats etc.

  • Automatically wraps shoe covers on user feet once placed.
  • Intelligent inbuilt Computerised Intelligent Control System (CICS) automatically catches the Shoe Covers from the Shoe Cover Box and opens them for the users to wear.
  • It clearly displays shoe cover quantity balance.
  • Usage in cleanrooms, ESD areas, hospitals, research labs etc.
  • It has a small volume so storing is easy.
  • It is light in weight and has fast working speed.
  • Has functions of safety protection, fault alarm, fault error displaying.
  • Large Capacity: It can have 100 pcs of shoe covers at a time.
  • Replacement shoe covers can be done easily and quickly by Interchanging with a new shoe cover bundle.
  • Input Voltage: 240Volts
  • Material: ABS Plastic