Model DSF-76D-150 Hi-Power Soldering Station with Solder Wire Feeder

Soldering station DSF-76D-150 specially designed for soldering of Solar Panels & Heavy Automotive Electronics

Integrated Solder Wire Feeder upto 2.0mm and 150 Watt Soldering Pencil

Today’s highly competitive and demanding industrial soldering applications need highest possible productivity of operators and every paisa must be saved for avoiding wastage of Solder Wire. Such demanding requirements are met with fast thermal recovery Model DSF-76D-150 Hi-Power Soldering Station with Solder Wire Feeder. Besides making one hand of operator free, it also provides consistent quality for each solder joint as same amount of Solder wire with preprogrammed feeding is applied at optimized process temperature.

It is an ideal Soldering Station for Small & Large Solar Panels Soldering and Heavy Automotive Electronics Soldering.



  1. Digital display for Temperature
  2. Soldering Pencil Stand
  3. 150 Watt Soldering Pencil
  4. Finger Switch for Feeding desired length of Solder Wire at SET speed
  5. Solder Feed Length, Speed and Time Programming Switches
  6. Solder Wire Feeding Assembly
  7. Digitized Push-buttons for precise temperature control


Scope of Supply:

  • Main Controller & Feeder Unit
  • Soldering Pencil
  • Soldering Bit
  • Soldering Pencil Holder
  • Solder Wire Feeding Attachment



  • Temperature Range :  50°C ~ 550°C
  • Temperature Stability :  ±2% of final value
  • Tip to Ground Resistance :  <2Ω
  • Tip to Ground Potential : <2mV
  • Input Supply : 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Feeding Speed :  About 2.7mm/s~27mm/s
  • Feeding Interval Time : 0~2.7S
  • Feeding Length : 0~150mm
  • Returning Time :  0~0.9s
  • Feeding Mode : Auto (1~9) / Manual (0)
  • Diameter of Solder Wire :  0.8mm


Note: Standard Station comes with 0.8mm solder wire dia. For other dia. of solder wire, please specify clearly solder wire size Choices are 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 & 2.0 mm

Soldering Tips for Model DSF-76D-150

Soldering Tips for Model DSF-76D-150


  • Warranty is 12 months from the date of invoice. It excludes all consumable parts as Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors, Soldering/Desoldering/Hot Air Tips, Cleaning Sponges, Cleaning Brass Wool.
  • Assured availability, normally ex-stock, of Spare Parts for Soldering Pencil.