Weller Soldering Desoldering Tips Spare Parts and Soldering Rework Stations

Weller Digital Soldering Station Model WSD 81

Weller Digital Soldering Station

Model: WSD 81i

German made soldering station widely used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free Soldering solutions.

  • Most popular 80 Watt Digital Soldering Station
  • Used for fine pitch SMD and Lead Free soldering
  • In-built Temperature Difference Offset setting
  • In-built Setback Time (0-99 minutes) setting
  • Supervisor can define Pre-programmed Temperature Window

Weller Soldering-Tips

Weller Soldering & Desoldering Tips

  • LT Series Soldering Tips
  • LHT Series Soldering Tips
  • ET Series Soldering Tips
  • PT Series Soldering Tips
  • DX Series Desoldering Tips

Weller Spare-Parts

Weller Spare Parts for Soldering Stations

  • WP80/WSP80/LR21/TCPS Soldering Pencils
  • WSD81/WD1000 Soldering Stations
  • WS81/WS51 Soldering Stations
  • WTCP51/WSD151 Soldering Stations
  • W201/W101/W61 Soldering Pencils

Weller Desoldering-Spares

Weller Spare Parts for Rework Stations

  • DSX80/DXV80 Desoldering Pencils
  • WR3000M Rework Station
  • WMD3 Rework Station
  • WMD1 Rework Station
  • WTA 50 Desoldering Tweezer

Integrated SMD/PTH Soldering Package, SMDSOL-2021-PK1

Integrated SMD/PTH Soldering Package

Models: SMDSOL-2021-PK1

  • Weller WX2021 Set with WXMP & WXMT
  • Vacuum Pick, Electric, IVS-381
  • Fume Abosorber, I493
  • Solder Wire Stand
  • Table Top LED Magnifier
  • Solder Wire Roll, 250 gms: 2nos.
  • Desoldering Wick: 3 nos.
  • Flux Bottle: 2nos.
  • Dispenser Bottle: 2nos.
  • Solder Aid Kit • PLCC Extractor • Tip Activator
  • ESD Mat Kit • Fine tip Curved Tweezer: 2 nos.
  • ESD Safe Soft Tip Tweezer • Cutting Pliers: 2 nos.
  • SMD Tweezer • ESD Safe Cleaning Brush, A2: 2 nos. • Flux Pen: 2nos.
  • ESD Safe Cleaning Brush, E2