BGA Rework Stations

BGA Rework Stations

BGA rework stations are used for soldering and desoldering of unit parts on the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Unit parts are normally clustered in a very small section of a PCB and will require heating of the board in that particular area. To handle such critical and sensitive work/rework where there is a chance of parts getting damaged our BGA rework stations like IBRS-2120A and Model I760B-DX are well prepared for the customers in India.

Our BGA rework stations are ideal instruments to repair miniaturized chipsets in laptops, mobile boards, LED/LCD televisions, Satellite trans-receivers, CCD Cameras, dedicated micro boards, memory boards, video games etc.

Our clients for this product are from Indian paramilitary services, large public sector and private factories and large/medium sized units that provide after-sales service and rework.BGA Rework stations are used primarily used in electronic industry for the following obvious reasons.

  • Faulty or poor solder joints: Due to faulty assembly or over the time thermal cycling may cause circuits to malfunction and will go through reworking.
  • Unwanted solder bridges: Sometime accidental drop of solder may connect points that should otherwise be isolated from each other will require a circuit to go through reworking.
  • Defective components: In the age of micro-miniaturization of circuits and components, it is common to see components getting damaged and requires regular reworking.
  • Engineering parts changes: Sometime parts are required to be changed on a periodical basis to work trouble free and will require rework station.
  • Upgrades: Sometime circuits need to be upgraded to perform better, so it will require a rework.


Our state-of-the-art latest BGA Rework Station Model IBRS-2120A, has infra-red preheating at the bottom and also hot air preheating at the bottom. This model is one of the hottest selling products from our inventory of BGA rework stations.

Following are the BGA rework stations available with us:

State-of-the-art BGA Rework System Model IBRS-2120A

State-of-the-art BGA Rework System

Model: IBRS-2120A

BGA (Ball Grid Array) rework station IBRS-2120A offers both infra-red and hot air preheating at bottom.

  • 60×60 Vision Alignment
  • 1600 Watt IR Pre-Heating
  • 700+700 Watt Hot Airflow
  • Maximum PCB size: 600×500 mm
  • 5 K-Type Sensors for accurate profiling

Low Cost IR BGA Rework System Model I760B-DX

Low Cost IR BGA Rework System

Model: I760B-DX

  • Top IR Heater: 720 Watt, 60×60 mm max. size
  • Bottom Preheater: 1500 Watt (Infrared type)
  • Software for PC Interface provided
  • Laser Pointer for positioning PCB
  • LCD Display for basic menu fuctions