150 Watt Soldering Station Model DSSHP03G for High Mass Soldering

Custom designed Soldering Tips can be also made on special request with MOQ

Soldering Station Model DSSHP03G is the best value-for-money in place of investing in 3~4 Soldering Stations as this one single Soldering Station is adequate to achieve similar production rate because of its faster thermal recovery and higher heat power. Additionally it has higher temperature range upto 500°C to do heavy mass type soldering jobs. Other features are: In-built Temperature Off-Set for Digital Calibration to meet ISO 9000 requirements, in-built function of Auto-Sleep and Auto Shut-Off which get activated automatically. Upto 16 mm wide Chisel type Soldering Tips are available. Supervisor can lock the optimum process temperature so operator cannot change.

Salient Features:

  • Micro-controller based Control Unit with close loop precise PID temperature control.
  • Heavy Duty Wobble-free Holder for Soldering Iron with both Dry Cleaner and Cleaning Sponge.
  • Digital display of temperatures.
  • Pushbuttons for precise temperature control.
  • Light Weight 150 Watt Soldering Pencil.
  • Plug-in type Heating Element for easy change-over


Scope of Supply:

  • DSSHP03G Power & Control Unit
  • DSP03G Soldering Pencil
  • Soldering Tip
  • Heavy Duty Support Rack
  • Cleaning Sponge



  • Power : 150 Watts
  • Temperature Range : 50°C ~ 500°C 
  • Sleep Time (minutes) : 0~99 (adjustable)
  • Temperature Stability : ± 2% of final value
  • Tip to Ground Potential : < 2 mV
  • Tip to Ground Resistance : < 2 ohm
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 200 x 130 x 100mm



  • High Mass Power Transistors Soldering
  • Solar Cell Soldering
  • High Mass Heat Sink and Coil Soldering on PCBs
  • High Mass Automobile Parts Soldering
  • High Mass Film Capacitor Soldering
  • High Mass Earth Thimbles Soldering



  • It has a password locking function
  • Push-button control with an auto-sleep function
  • Various types of long life Soldering Tips available
  • Lightweight and comfortable for fatigue-free working
  • Real and fully electrostatic safe ESD design
  • In-built calibration feature to meet ISO requirements


Wide range of Soldering Tips for heavy mass soldering are available.

Soldering Station DSSHP03G - Soldering Tips


  • Warranty is 12 months from the date of invoice. It excludes all consumable parts as Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors, Soldering/Desoldering/Hot Air Tips, Cleaning Sponges, Cleaning Brass Wool.
  • Assured availability, normally ex-stock, of Spare Parts for Soldering Pencil.