120 Watt new Soldering Station Model DSSLF120 – Fast Thermal Recovery

Single Soldering Station for Lead Free, Fine Pitch SMD Chips, Solar Panels and Hi Power automotive & other components

DSSLF120 comes with Lightweight Soldering Pencil and Easy-to-replace Plug-in type Heating Element.

Why 120 Watt Soldering Station Model DSSLF120 is far superior than 80 or 90 Watt Soldering Stations?

Each Soldering Joint has high reliability because of fast thermal recovery and optimal heat transfer to each joint Because of above benefit, this Soldering Station is the preferred choice with automotive components and solar panel manufacturers - 100’s are in operation all over India with them and majority are repeat .... repeat orders.


Other features:

  1. In-built temperature Off-Set feature for calibration from panel itself to meet ISO 9000 requirements.
  2. Auto-Sleep and Auto-Shut-Off features get activated after pre-set time.
  3. Supervisory process temperature lock feature: operators cannot change it.
  4. Add optional Solder Wire Feeding Station to increase operator's productivity and to avoid solder wire wastage.


Salient Features:

  • Work Modes : 
    Work modes provide temperature limits. The supervisor can restrict the operator in a temperature range limits by choosing appropriate working mode. If customer has set 00 work mode then the temperature will not go beyond 350°C.
  • Temperature Offset for Calibration : 
    The Soldering Station has in-built temperature offset provision for calibration to meet ISO 9000. Customer does not need to open the Unit and adjust the trim pots.
  • Alarm Function : 
    The Soldering Station has in-built alarm function to alert the operator. If there is more than 20°C temperature difference in SET and ACTUAL value then this alarm will alert the operator to check the Soldering Station. This alarm function is only functional within the specified Work Modes.
  • LCD Digital Display : 
    Digital LCD Display for SET and ACTUAL temperatures at the same time and other various parameters.
  • Program 2 Common Process Temperatures :
    This Station has provision to set and save two frequently used process temperatures. User can set these as per his requirement & recall the same just by pressing corresponding ‘F1’ or ‘F2’ buttons.
  • Supervisory Password Protection : 
    The Soldering Station has password locking facility. After password locking by supervisor, the operators cannot change the pre-programmed process temperatures.
  • Sleep Time : 
    Sleep time is useful to prolong the life of Soldering Tips and Heating Elements of Soldering Pencil. The time is programmable from 0 to 99 minutes as per customer’s requirement.
  • Error Messages :
    The Soldering Station has self diagnostic feature. It displays the fault of the Soldering Pencil. If the display shows H-E, it means the Heating Element is faulty. And if it shows S-E, means Temperature Sensor or sensor circuit is faulty.


Scope of Supply:

  • Power & Control Unit
  • Light Weight Soldering Pencil
  • Soldering Tip 200G-2.4D
  • Heavy Duty Support Rack
  • Conventional Wet Cleaning Sponge
  • Dry Metal Wool for Tip cleaning



  • Power : 120 Watts
  • Input Supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
  • Temperature Range : 100°C ~ 500°C
  • Temperature Stability : ±2% of final value
  • Tip to Ground Resistance : < 2 Ohm :
  • Tip to Ground Potential : <2mV



  • Leadfree fine pitch SMD soldering
  • Solar Cell Soldering
  • Heat Sink and Coil Soldering on PCBs
  • Leadfree PTH Soldering
  • Auto parts soldering

Wide variety of Soldering Tips for Model DSSLF120 for different soldering applications:

Wide variety of Soldering Tips for Model DSSLF120


  • Warranty is 12 months from the date of invoice. It excludes all consumable parts as Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors, Soldering/Desoldering/Hot Air Tips, Cleaning Sponges, Cleaning Brass Wool.
  • Assured availability, normally ex-stock, of Spare Parts for Soldering Pencil.