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Soldering Robots
Dispensing Robots for different liquidus materials to provide higher productivity, consistent accuracy and repeatability in dispensing for improved product quality.
4-Axis 150 watt desktop highly reliable and affordably priced Soldering Robot with 300mmx300mm X-Y travelling for consistent solder reliability in each joint.
4-Axis 150 watt 250 x 250 mm X-Y travel in-line Soldering Robot for integrating with external assembly line with optional features as per customer’s requirement.
Affordably priced, highly reliable precise Screw Fastening Robots with different Screws Feeders and counting function with missing screw prevention feature.
We offer highest reliability type yet affordably priced robotic solutions to automate liquid dispensing, screw fastening & soldering on assembly line. Standard as well customized (for specific applications) robotic machines have been supplied by us to many customers all over India in repeat orders. We provide on-site user training as well after-sales-service (though our existing customers have rarely asked for it). We keep all spare parts and consumables for these for immediate delivery.
Fume Extraction Systems
Chemical Fumes & Laser Dust Extraction Air Purifier System with special Chemical Filter within the metal framed HEPA Filter. Powerful brushless Turbine removes obnoxious chemical fumes.
ESD Safe Table Clamp Fumes Extraction Air Purifier with ready-to-use package. Low noise maintenance-free powerful Brushless Turbine, it needs periodically Pre-Filter and other Filters change only.
Low Cost 2-Operators Fumes Extraction Air Purifier, easy-to-install without any plumbing. Virtually maintenance-free powerful Brushless Turbine, periodically needs Pre-Filter & other Filters change.
High quality material based & ESD Safe Table Top, light weight, portable Fumes Air Purifier with attachments to re-direct the fumes thru customer’s ducting from AC room to outside the working area.
Dry Cabinets, Dry Cabinets for DSLR, Humidity Cabinets, Dry Humidity Cabinets
Dehumidifying Storage Cabinet 1260 ltrs & ESD safe Special heavy duty door hinges 4-Dessicators for faster humidity control, 1~60% RH humidity range.
Dehumidifying Storage Cabinet 728 ltrs & ESD safe Special heavy duty door hinges 2-Dessicators for faster humidity control, 1~60% RH humidity range.
Low cost Dehumidifying Cabinet 84 ltrs with 20~60% RH range for storage of Cameras, Lenses Samples of Food, Tea, Medicines, Biotech/Chemical materials.
Dehumidifying Storage Cabinet 320 litres & ESD safe Special heavy duty door hinges 2-Dessicators for faster humidity control, 5~50% RH humidity range.
Kolver Italy Torque Testers
For automation, Kolver offers KBL series Brushless in-line Torque (upto 4 Nm/40 Kgf-cm) Screwdrivers with EDU1BL/SG Controller provides I/P & O/P signals for interfacing with customer’s external PLC. Optional ACE Screw Counter for real time fastening process.
Mini K Series Torque Analyzers features in-built Rotary Transducer, are available in 0.05~1, 0.3~5 and 0.5~20 Nm models with USB Port, Torque Analyzer Software.
Kolver PLUTO Torque & Angle Controlled Screw drivers (for as high as upto 50 Nm torque) with EDU2AE/TOP/TA Controller with Programming Software. Ideal replacement for noisy pneumatic type which are expensive to maintain.
Founded in 1989, Kolver produces 1000’s every year Electric Screwdrivers cover wide torque range at several speeds and feature either shut-off clutch or current control system, Coreless or Brushless motors: all controlled by state-of-art Electronic Control Unit. Kolver Electric Screwdrivers have very low operating & maintenance, reduced vibration and noise levels – Kolver Screwdrivers are perfect alternative to noisy and expensive-to-be-maintain pneumatic Screwdrivers.
ESD Safe Model RE-630BL, Torque range 2.0~30 Kgf-cm, RPM 600/480
ESD Safe Model RE-618BL, Torque range 0.8~20 Kgf-cm, RPM 1000/750
ESD Safe Model F-31BLL, Torque range 0.15~1.2 Kgh-cm, RPM 300/150
ESD Safe Model F-43DS, Torque Range 0.2~3.0 Kgf-cm, RPM 600
ESD Safe Model F-48D, Torque Range 0.2~18 Kgf-cm, RPM 660
ESD Safe Model F-43DS, Torque Range 2~35.0 Kgf-cm, RPM 660
Since 1975 Conos Taiwan, a pioneer in Electric Torque Screwdrivers, is developing and manufacturing HIGHEST RELIABILITY types with exclusive features as: • Highly durable with reduced backlash type Clutch mechanism • Steel Alloy Gear Blocks provide high reliability and sturdiness • Highly stable torque within ± 3 % • Patented Brake Switch • External Knurled Torque Nut allows easy torque set-up and adjustment • Highly reliable Rare Earth Magnet Motor produces low heating.
Soldering Stations
Low Cost Digital Soldering Station for high volume production with optional ITW50 Thermal Tweezer.
Best-value-to-buy for fine SMD and Leadfree soldering with two process temperatures program.
Ultra Fast Thermal Recovery for Soldering at lower temperature of sensitive SMD IC components.
High Power 150 Watt Soldering Station for soldering automotive parts, film capacitors, Solar cells.
Very High Power 320 Watt Soldering Station for heavy mass soldering applications.
Desoldering Stations, Rework Stations
Highly powerful of 1300 Watt, upto 200 litre airflow SMD Hot Air Rework Station, Wide range of Hot Air Nozzles.
High capability & low priced unique System for SMD Soldering, Thru-Hole Desoldering & SMD ICs Hot Air reworking with in-built vacuum pick-up, all 3 functions work at the same time. 100’s in use in repeat orders.
Lower cost version of 1000 Watt, upto 120 litre airflow SMD Hot Air Rework Station, Wide range of Hot Air Nozzles .
Solder Pots Stannol Solder Wires Solder Pot I100-15S
Pre-Heating-Plate - 870 Adjustable Hot Air Gun I885 Vacuum-Pick-Up-Pen-IVS-381 Pre Heating Plate IRPH-4
Reflow Soldering Digitally Controlled uniformly Pre-Heating Plate for MIL and aerospace grade SMD Circuits.
High reliability, adjustable air volume & digitally adjustable temperature digital display Hot Air Gun for heat shrinking.
Electrically operated very powerful SMD vacuum pick-up and placement Pen for chip components, SMD ICs & LED Chips.
Programmable High Power 600 Watt Infrared Pre-heating Plate for reworking heavy heat sink and multi-layer PCBs.
ESD Tester 492E Ionizing Air Gun 445D+446 ESD Safe PCB Rack IPMR-805 ESD safe PCB Holder
Top-of-the-line Wrist Strap & Footwear Combo ESD Tester Model 492E. It can be connected to Door Control System.
Ionizing Air Gun + High Voltage Power Supply for removing static charge and dust of the inaccessible charged objects.
High Quality ESD Safe PCB Rack (easily adjustable with easy-to-adjust Four lever mechanism inplace of low cost screws).
ESD safe adjustable Circuit Board Holder for comfortable working of operator during soldering/desoldering/reworking of PCBs.
ESD Safe Mats
Topmost quality 2-layer green colour matte finish ESD Table Mats in customized sizes of 0.6 meter (2 feet) width and 0.9 meter (3 feet) width with lengths as customer needs. 10mm Snap-Buttons to connect Earthing Cords & Wrist Straps, are provided as required.
Imported 2-layer green matte finish topmost quality (does not crack if twisted or bent) Rolls sizes (avoids cutting wastage) 0.6×15, 0.9×15 & 1.2×10 meters. As we import in high quantity, we give competitive price & immediate delivery.
Soldering Station Calibrator ISC3192 Low Cost Soldering Station Calibrator I191-AD Digital Calibration Meter for Rework Stations ISC3196
3-in-1 (mV/Ohm/Temp) Soldering Stations Calibration Digital Meter measures Tip to Ground Resistance, Tip to Ground Leakage Voltage, Soldering Tip Temperature.
Low Cost Popular Digital Soldering Stations Calibration Meter for measuring Soldering Tip Temperature with 10 nos. spare Star type sensors & 1 no. K-type sensor.
Digital Calibraton Meter specifically designed for the calibration of Hot Air SMD Rework Stations, measures hot air temperature upto 800°C with ± 5°C accuracy.
ESD Tools and Accessories
We offer wide range of ESD safe Tools and accessories: ESD Safe Brushes, ESD Safe Tweezers, ESD Warning Tape, ESD Safe Flux Bottles, ESD Safe Slippers, ESD Safe Wire Stripper, ESD Safe Cutters, ESD Safe Gloves, ESD Safe Wrist Straps, ESD Safe Grid Bags, ESD Safe Grounding Cords and ESD Safe Toolkits.
Tools and Accessories
We offer high quality Electronics Hand Tools &Accessories: Precision Cutting Plier, Precise multi-hole Wire Stripper, Cable Tie Gun, Assorted Cable Ties, Soldering Tip Cleaner, Heavy Duty Scissor, Knife with Aluminium Handle, 0.5 mm & 1.5 mm width Super Fine Desoldering Wicks, No-Clean SMD Flux Pen, Various size Pre-cut Cleaning Sponges, Manual Desoldering Pump, Glue Gun, Solder Wire Reel Stand, Precision Stripper for Fiber Optic Cables, Weller Soldering Tip Cleaner.
Electronic Master Toolkits
Top-of-the-line highest quality Maintenance & Field Repair Master Toolkit in very rugged and durable expensive Tool Case with highest quality tools from Taiwan.
Economical version of highest quality Maintenance & Field Repair Master Toolkit in very rugged and durable expensive Tool Case with highest quality tools from Taiwan.
LED Magnifiers
Optical Grade White Lens of 5” dia for stress-free continuous QC inspection ESD Safe, 5X Diopter & LED Lighting.
Lower cost version for online hi-volume QC inspection with normal lens of 5” dia ESD Safe, 3X Diopter and LED Lighting.
ESD Safe Portable & Light Weight LED Illuminated Magnifier, Magnification 3X (normal) & 12X (in embedded Lens).
Optical very wide 7” dia White Lens for stress-free continuous QC inspection ESD Safe, 5X Diopter & LED Lighting.
We offer high quality and REAL ESD Safe LED lighted Illuminated QC inspection Magnifiers in both normal glass lens and in high optical grade white glass lens.
USB Digital Video Microscope LCD-Microscope-PRO20 Economical-Binocular-Microscope
Low cost high resolution Digital Video Microscope with LED lighting is the best solution to avoid strain on eyes when magnifying lens is not sufficient for QC Inspection.
Highest end and very high resolution Video Microscope, rotational angled for 3D viewing, 8x~198x magnification, can be connected to external PC with supplied software.
Binocular viewing & Video imaging Combo Microscope innovates the traditional way of binocular viewing with additional easy-to-view video image on LCD Screen.
Smart Tweezers Complete Range
Expensive Smart Tweezers Model ST5S higher accuracy version is designed for debugging SMD chip parts and circuits.
Smart Tweezers Model ST5L ISKRA is specially designed to test & verify LED chips lights in-circuits on production line.
Smart Tweezers Model ST5C COLIBRI specially designed as low cost version for reworking & repairing of SMD circuits.
Most expensive version with bluetooth data transfer Smart Tweezers Model ST5S-BT, we do not stock this Model.
Advance Devices, Inc. Canada is the ORIGINAL & EXCLUSIVE manufacturer of Smart Tweezers. Inde Enterprises is their Indian stocking distributors, also authorized to issue CAL Certificates with supply; and keep all spare parts to provide after-sales-service during IN & OUT warranty. Siborg Canada, IDEAL-TEK SA etc. are all their distributors only and not manufacturers (as claimed by some suppliers in India who are not providing both CAL Certificates and after-sales-service).
American Beauty USA Soldering Solutions
American Beauty USA Model 10503-220-G Thermal Wire Stripper strips Tefzel, Teflon, Kapton and Kynar insulations without any cut to meet MIL specifications.
American Beauty heavy-duty very high Power (550 W) Soldering Iron Model 3198-550 is meant for extremely heavy soldering jobs as hi-power oil capacitor sealing.
American Beauty USA Resistance Soldering System Model 10506-220-G for soldering Connector center pin with Coaxial Cables solidly to meet MIL specifications.
Weller Spare Parts
Inde Enterprises introduced Weller Germany in India in January 1976. We have an impeccable reputation of 42 years to provide no-charge after-sales-service for Weller Stations. We have technical competency to repair even what we supplied 20 years back. We keep stock of virtually every Weller spare part & Soldering Tips, normally delivery for all is immediate. When customers in India do not get service & spare part for Weller Stations from anywhere, they always come back to us.
Telegartner Connectors, Adaptors
Regardless of whether customer needs 7/16, N, TNC, SMA, SMB & BNC Coaxial Connectors and Adaptors (in-series & between-series) for high power transmission, miniature connector for RF equipment or Precision connector for laboratory measurement Telegartner Germany offers solution for all requirements.
Spinner Attenuators, RF Loads
Long-term reliability type High Power RF Loads from 1 Watt to 38 kilo Watt.
High precision and reliable RF Coaxial Attenuators from 25 Watt to 200 Watt.
Hi-precision 4-in-1 SMA-M OSLT (Open, Short, Load and Thru-line) VNA CAL Kit.
High precision 4-in-1 N-M OSLT (Open, Short, Load and Thru-line) VNA CAL Kit.
Spinner Rotary Joints
With over 70 years experience, Spinner delivers any RF Rotary Joint combination for all demanding applications.
Spinner low insertion loss, high isolation, short switching time, long service life RF Coaxial Switches upto 250 kW.
Spinner customized Fiber Optic Rotary Joints upto 52 Channels in multi-mode and single-mode fibers.

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equipment for network analyzers

High Power RF Attenuators
20 Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Coaxial Switches by Spinner